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Thread: What sets are you really investing in, and which ones are you thinking about skipping

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    What sets are you really investing in, and which ones are you thinking about skipping

    So what are you guys doing about all of the upcoming sets with close release dates? Are you skipping whole sets all together, just buying singles of the cards/dice for your teams, or are you actually investing in every Dice Masters set that comes out?

    Here's my solution: I'm going to buy every starter set. Yes, I'm going to end up with a TON of Sidekick dice over the next year, but if i ever want to do a rainbow draft for a specific set, then I will need those basic actions.

    The sets I'm not as interested in, I think I'm going to wait a month or so after release and just buy a whole common/uncommon set with dice on ebay. I just bought commons and uncommons for Yu-Gi-Oh, and it was $25, after shipping. (There was a cheaper one on there, but I would save money by combining shipping with something else i bought from the same seller.)

    The sets I am going to get involved in, I will buy a gravity feed at release. Then every Wednesday when I go to the comic shop, I will pick up 2 or 3 boosters for whichever set I'm missing the most cards from, of the sets I'm really in to. Right now that's AvX, in another week it will probably be D&D BFF.

    I'm a Marvel guy, and my wife is all about the fantasy genre as a whole. So it looks like I'll be investing in every Marvel and D&D set from here on out. Like I said I purchased a starter and a set of commons/uncommons for Yu-Gi-Oh (and the rare Slifer. Need that global for my Green Goliath team) and I will be doing the same with DC Justice League.

    What about everyone else?

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    This is a hard one for me. My wallet is simply not going to allow me to buy everything. Good food for thought, Randy. I just don't know yet.

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