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Thread: Millennium orb/red dragon epic dragon

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    Millennium orb/red dragon epic dragon

    I need help! Local meta is being dominated by this combo.

    If you haven't seen it, guy uses epic dragon global to lower cost of action die by 2, dealing damage to opponent. Guy sits orb on field, takes any counter you may have to epic dragon (i.e. Constantine, Cap super soldier) and then breath weapons with every energy he has on turn 5(ish).

    I need a counter to millennium orb that doesn't force me to build a team to beat his. At that point in not building a good team, I'm just playing counters to him. What should I do?

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    Hey Laredwolf, do you mean Millennium Rod: Scepter of Supremacy`?

    First it would help if you could describe it a little bit more presize like a team or a constallation of cards, because all the cards you mention are fairly highcost and in turn 5 would be only possible with a big ramp like PXG.

    There are several ways to counter it. Namor, buy action dice with the red dragon global, ko him with Storm, Psylocke and so on.

    And an advice dont play counters on only this one team, you will maybe counter this one card and will maybe lose focus to win the match because of it. Try to find a way work on your own win condition so he has react to it.

    Almost forgot against the scepter:

    DoomCaliber Knight Versions, Lord of D.,

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    He is using PXG like you said. He's also got mutate 666 to block any early attacks and ramp.

    I think my major problem is exactly what you said. I get away from my win condition.

    He's got both the millenium puzzle and orb. I'm pretty sure they are the uncommons.

    The problem I run into is that the red dragon doubles action die. So he plays millenium orb to take control of two of my characters. In the case that got me to seek advice he took two caps from me and breath weaponed me for six, clearing my board.

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    Well i would say, use something fast and hard to deal damage to him. Fury Patch Team or Wolverine, and there plenty of cards that can remove Action Dice from the field.

    Also use his PXG to your advance. If your team doesnt need PXG to be played, than you have even more an advantage
    Search here with the Keyword: action in the second window "Filter Text" to find more options.

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    Your answer should be Common Jinzo. He's built to kill off the Millennium Rod and Millennium Puzzle. Purchase him as soon as your opponent starts going for them and you'll be gold. The common Doomcaliber Knight can also doo well, but you need to have him on the field at the right time.

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    Another counter is this old gal
    Sure you pay a lot of masks but hey, you burn his ramp too. There's also common Prismatic Spray to burn more of his ramp. Get some removal (Grundy) or you can millenium Puzzle his dragon with your own.

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