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    This team are anti-meta builds to match up with dangerous combo. We would like to share the team who can control the enemies' strategy inside out. Basically, main concepts is abuse the Catwoman, Nine Lives with more supporting ideas. Practically, I haven't tested yet for competitive purposes. But, it's really2 fun to play. Check this out


    Winning Conditions:
    2 Magneto, Hellfire Club

    The main reason why Magneto is here is because to abuse catwoman's skil which required draw. Without the catwoman's skill, Magneto is still the high possibly threat to drain Life Points.

    1 Prof.X, Recruiting Young Mutants
    4 Kobold, Great Humanoid

    We need more ramp to make this main mechanism more affordable in no time. Mask is the most impotant supply for more ramp and Distraction Global's usage

    3 Catwoman, Nine Lives

    Predicting your enemies character in bag is fun, because this team could make it easier.

    2 Braniac, Terror of Kandor

    Let's say that through this skill we control the opponent's dice. But, at the same time, put back the opponent's main threat and out them in a bag and waiting to be picked up by catwoman.

    3 Halfling Thief, Lesser Lords Alliance

    If the opponent tried to abuse the prof.X skills? Each turn, attack with this die to reduce the opponent's chance by put 2 sidekicks into their bags each turn or just put the characters that you want to be summoned by catwoman. How's crazy is that?

    2 Umber Hulk, Paragon Beast

    We need massive clean-up especially to catch up the control team builds: "the aggro-types".

    3 Constantine, Hellblazer

    You're talking about control, right? Count this die in your team.


    The main reason is can be used to defend but you don't need to attack for win after you had magneto.

    The "shortcuts" to field the magneto as soon as possible.

    First to buy, hellblazer or kobold depend on your dice results, use the mask for ramp.

    Second turn,If you had a chance to buy magneto buy it first if not just buy polymorph BAC and/or halfling thief. Spare some masks for ramp and defense purposes.

    Third, if you already had bought polymorph in second turn. Buy the magneto, sacrifice kobold or hellblazer to field the magneto.

    Next, you can purchase Umber Hulk for removal, if your opponents is aggro-type


    Braniac, if your opponents is mid-range or control-type which depend on one or two dice.

    Attack with thief every turn and field hellblazer to torture your opponent, use distraction on thief if there are dangerous blockers like: manta or beast.

    Buy the Catwoman very last if you feel to safe enough. And don't overbuy the dice so you can field more effective.


    2 Magneto, Hellfire Club
    1 Prof.X, Recruiting Young Mutants
    4 Kobold, Greater Humanoid
    2 Braniac, Terror of Kandor
    3 Halfling Thief, Lesser Lords Alliances
    2 Umber Hulk, Paragon Beast
    3 Constantine, Hellblazer

    kobold/hellblazer,ramp--> thief/polymorph,ramp--> magneto--> umber hulk/braniac--> hellblazer --> catwoman.

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    All I can say is that when I saw the title of your post I thought someone had actually built a team around this card:

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