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Thread: So what have I missed?

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    So what have I missed?

    So, I had to stop playing DM back in the spring. Due to a very bad financial situation and a change in my schedule, I was unable to continue playing. I kept all my dice and cards and stuff, since my wife and I still love the game.

    Recently, we decided to move across the country, from Seattle to Kansas City MO to be specific. There is a meta there, while here in Seattle it's almost non existent, at least in my part of the area. So I am hoping to get into playing again, AND against other people!!

    I was wondering exactly what I've missed though. I've done some research, but I've missed like 3 sets. I bought a good amount of yugioh, and the DnD starter and a few boosters, but that's the last time I played. Anything big that I should know/learn?

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    YGO has the power to stay relevant a long time on the backs of about a dozen or so cards. Human Paladin gains experience with each new set. DC drafting was awesome. AOU has some technical issues with the wording of a few character abilities. Changing affiliations beyond making characters villains is now a thing (be it making characters Avengers using SHIELD Helicarrier or other mechanics). Every new set requires a revisit to the old ones.

    Welcome back!

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    Big new release news has everyone buzzing about the new set anounced last month. Of course I'm talking about The "Thomas the Tank Engine" set due to release toward the end of January.

    (I'm kidding. It's TMNT and everyone is rabid over it.)

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    The push of this new format called Little cup, pushed by these guys from this little podcast called The Reserve Pool

    That is pretty cool

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