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Thread: Integrating DnD in the Broader DM Universe

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    Integrating DnD in the Broader DM Universe

    I'm mostly a Marvel & DC player, but I've warmed to Yugioh as time has passed. I know DnD has some meta effecting cards (Human Palidan & Prismatic Spray being the two most prominent). And I've heard that DnD is the single most well rounded set.

    But I'm having a hard time integrating DnD into my regular Dice Masters games. And it's not that I don't want to mix universes. I don't have a problem with it. It just seems that so much of DnD doesn't work with other sets.

    Adventurers- If the other player is not playing DnD mosters, I'll never gain experience with them. DnD cards that target adventurers, or equipment, or other DnD exclusive elements seem totally out of place with other sets. And then, not only do we have factions, but also good, neutral, and evil characters, which have no bearing on anything outside of DnD.

    So, am I missing something, or should DnD be played primarily as an in-universe set? Are there really just a few cards that work well across IPs or am I not creative enough to see the potential? Do the added elements like equipment,

    I've been able to bring Marvel, DC, and Yugioh together almost seamlessly. Why not DnD?

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    On the other hand, cards that target Villains won't affect your D&D cards. Infiltrate can be used to give the Monster Affiliation to opposing character dice to gain experience.

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    I think what you are missing, is the concept that there are always going to be a few cards that are only good inset. Drow Assassin and Owlbear are basically equivelent to common Scarlet Witch and Sentinels from UXM.

    As for Experience, some of the adventurers are low on stats compared to other characters of similar costs, but if they get even 1 xp they are pretty stat efficient. However, take a look at human paladin, and ask how many times does his experience ability even come into play.

    Experience is simply just a quality that matters in set, but isn't a major loss out of set. You could think if experience as an ability that says "if your opponent plays uncommon kobold, screw with his swarm characters".

    As for equipment, there are plenty of versatile options of characters who can wield equipment, most importantly, uncommon kobolds and human paladin. Dragons get loads of synergy from YGO.

    As yet, good and Evil don't provide many true options, but as more DnD sets are released those keywords might gain more utility. However, having the ability is no different than a DC character having the Legion of Doom icon, arguably an unneccisary icon, as all of those characters are also villains.

    In all, the things that aren't used outside of DnD, aren't detracting from the quality of the cards they are on, but they add dramatic depth to the DnD inset formats. This layering of mechanics is why Dice Masters elicits some really great cross IP awesomeness.

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    I've tried once giving my opponent Zombie Dice via Prismatic Spray rare, and then blowing them up with Dwarf Cleric to get some experience on adventurers.
    Great times, great times, not effective, but really great.

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    I started a thread a while ago on a similar topic and a few interesting ideas were developed. Gotta give @pishposh credit for it...but you can use the Rare Prysmatic Spray to "give" your opponent some Monsters. My guess is that this Prysmatic Spray card was designed specifically to address the issue of not being able to use the Expirience mechanic in Unlimited games...

    Not sure if this is actually a realistic to do that...but it would be a hell of a lot of fun to try and pull off.

    See the old thread here:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Critenstein View Post
    The most underused card in Dicemasters right now:

    It seems a bit like mutually assured destruction with this one. I've certainly not given it much thought. How do you play it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razorback View Post
    It seems a bit like mutually assured destruction with this one. I've certainly not given it much thought. How do you play it?
    While laughing maniacally, of course.

    No matter the game I play, I seem to employee similar strategies. I don't mind taking damage myself, so long as my opponent suffers more. Ever play "Mace: The Dark Ages?" I used to knock my opponent into the lava/piranha water and jump in after them to keep hitting them.

    In this case, I try to score as much fast damage I can early to keep my opponent below my total, then start nuking with this card. Hopefully I can get Gamma-hulk out and all of a sudden, this card becomes a win condition.

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