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Thread: Single "theme" decks competively viable?

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    Single "theme" decks competively viable?

    I was just curious what folks opinions were on single theme decks and their viability in competitive games? What I mean is decks that stick with the particular flavor of a set(s) without pulling random cards in from others, can these still be winning builds? (Note I consider DC and Marvel to be the same theme i.e. Comics.)

    Reason I ask is that theme is a big thing for me in games so I tend to follow that when I play. So taking Magic Missle or similar D&D cards with a Comics based deck seems a little weird. Not arguing the power but it just wouldn't be my first thought.

    The other big issue for me related to this is that there are a number of Yu-gi-oh cards that people universally list as being awesome but I have 0 interest in the Yu-gi-oh world/story and don't envision ever buying any packs from it because of it. I love comics and have grabbed a bunch of those DM sets and I love D&D so could see myself picking that up eventually as well but I missed the yu-gi-oh craze and have little desire for it (maybe had it been Pokemon lol).

    I expect to play casually mostly so it's not the end of the world but should I want to try my hand in a competitive setting is this really handicapping me to the point of failure? Will I eventually have to pick up yu-gi-oh or D&D if I want to win?

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    Competitively speaking, you should be thinking of it as playing Dice Masters, not playing Marvel/DC/DnD Dice Masters. The IP means nothing, it's the cards and their abilities that matter when making/piloting a team. No need to go whole-hog into each set, plenty of places to get singles online.

    Casually of course play as you want, especially if it's fun, but competitively you'd only be shorting yourself to ignore cards that would make your team better simply because of the artwork on them.

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    I think there are a few theme based teams that can be competetive (actually almost any team can be competetive in the correct hands). The most obvious versions being affiliation based teams ie Avengers (with or without Nick Fury Patch), X-men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Villains, Justice League (Retaliation or not) and Dragons (dnd based). All these teams benefit from the teamwork basic action (one of the OP participation prizes) which is the theme builders dream card.

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    Basic actions are relatively themeless, unless you take them at their immediate face value. Fireball is not really any different that a card that would be called Grenade. Magic Missile is no different than Hawkeyes Homing Missile. On top of all of that, Doctor Strange is a wizard... He would be able to use any of the YuGiOh or DnD BACs. As a person that tries to make theme teams weekly, I often struggle to make characters I know I need fit the team. Black Knight is an Avenger, but also a human Paladin. Molemen are strikingly similar to Kobolds. Dragonman is a half dragon, Fing Fang Fu is a dragon, red I think. All of the DnD things exist, or could exist in a comic universe, after all, comic books love their crossovers.

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    It depends on how competitive you are trying to be. You can make a pretty functional team with some themes, but those tend to be specific designs intended by the game developer where as the meta is made up of card exploits that other people have discovered to be overwhelmingly powerful.
    The great thing about dice masters is that you have self contained sets for the people are concerned with the theme, and they can all be combined for the people who are concerned about the game itself and not the art and names of the cards. Some people who really have an issue with things not matching thematically but still want to be competitive, have made custom art cards with characters from the universe they like to play in to replace the character that the card actually is.

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