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Thread: Cleopatra and her harem girls

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    Cleopatra Vixen and her harem girls

    Here is my thematic and almost coolest team with women i've done so far.:

    Before she died, she was even more than a queen,

    a Goddess for her people and worshippers.
    But because of a mystical artifact

    she lost all her powers and vanished in the sand of the desert, only her bones, hair and clothes remaining.

    As time was going by, long long after her dissappearence, she was forgotten, a myth, maybe told in some fairytales or history class.

    But some day, some archeologists found her crypt. After a day examining the chamber of the goddess and try to read some inscripts
    slowly some cracks grown over the sarcophagus. At the Night they wanted to transport the sarcophagus, but it broke and her remainings fell down the ground.
    The helpers where scared and run off. "Are you believing in ghost or something? Come back you fools!" Yelled the man after them.
    And when he was turning around he saw something gurgling crawling onto him

    When the helpers came back, they only found his hat and flashlight laying on the ground. "This place is curse, she took him with her to the afterworld!"
    They walked back to the outside, but until the entrance closed before them and in the dark they saw

    5 pairs of white glimmering eyes staring at them....

    RAMP- AGE!

    As you can see Vixen has his sisters of no-mercy here to do as she pleases.
    She is Riding a White Dragon, her normal Cardimage is just an illusion, she got resurrected as Mummy, what her real form is. So there you have the Ramp and cost reducing stuff.

    Black Widow and Canary make sure a unblockable Combo and with Kitty Pride you have the opposite for the enemy to worry about. Mystical Box will help you to steal the powers and the life of your opponents characters for your undead Girls to crush them.
    Katana will defend her against everything of small fry that comes at her. Not even a mosquito shall come across! I really wanted to give her the Ring of Sidekickattraction so Katana has something to do but we can only have 8 Cards.
    At last the oracle, the farseeher or priest you oould say. She hast not only a cool global to make your attacking girls stronger, no she even busts out a lvl 3 Hulk and many blockers.

    Note: I hope i didnt offended someone (like harem in the titel or this women power house here!)

    Have fun

    Edit: If some moderator or admin could please put in the Thread Titel after Cleopatra "Vixen" . I forgot that.^^'

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