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Thread: Wizkids Leaderboard Points

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    Wizkids Leaderboard Points

    Are you awarded additional points for winning an event?

    I had heard something about this, but have not been able to find anything official on WES.

    Quote Originally Posted by WES
    The Leaderboards are a new addition to the WES and a way for players and clans to track their progress, as well as to track the progress of other players and clans. Points for the Leaderboards are determined by the following method:
    Each game the a player wins is worth three points, while ties are worth one point. This point total is multiplied by a multiplier that is based on the type of event (as outlined below). Finally, a pre-set number of participation points (as outlined below) are added to this multiplied point total for the final point total that is added to the total score on the Leaderboard. Clans gain points by the aggregate points earned by its members.
    The event-based multiplier is as follows:
    • 1x: Store custom events, Con-In-Your-Store
    • 2x: Pre-release events and Monthly OPs
    • 3x: Storyline OPs
    • 5x: WKO, Regional Championships
    • 8x: National Championships
    • 12x: World Championships
    Participation points are awarded based on the number of players in the event:
    • 0 points: 0-4 players
    • 1 points: 5-8 players
    • 2 points: 9-16 players
    • 3 points: 17-32 players
    • 4 points: 33-64 players
    • 5 points: 65-128 players
    • 6 points: 129-156 players
    • 7 points: 257-512 players
    • 8 points: 513-1,024 players
    • 9 points: 1,025+ players
    Leaderboard data is recorded starting from April 01, 2015 (The win/loss record on your player page goes back to the start of the WES). The Leaderboard standings are updated weekly at midnight Wednesday (Eastern US). At the close of a Leaderboard period, stores have two weeks to report events from that period before the final standings are set.
    Then Leadeboards can be viewed from the WES navbar or by the "Leaderboards" tab on the player’s profile page.

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    No points are given for winning an event. It's all wins, ties, participation, and multipliers.

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