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Thread: Hyperion Team

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    Hyperion Team

    I thought it would be fun to design a team built around Hyperion: Atomic Vision, which states:

    "Once per turn, when Hyperion is blocked by 'villain' double his attack."

    and came up with this:

    Captain Marvel: Human/Kree Hybrid
    Groot: Reincarnated
    Hyperion: Atomic Vision
    Maria Hill: Avengers Liaison

    Hulk Out
    Pandora's Box

    The win condition is when I have Hyperion attack, combo it with; WW, Hulk Out, and Pandora's Box's Global, to turn him into an unstoppable beast.

    - Captain Marvel combos with Groot, so he never can be KO'd, and powers up rest of team.
    - Maria Hill is for ramp and to get Hyperion back into the field ASAP.
    - Lex Luthor brings back Hulk Out action die ASAP.
    - Vibranium Shield is a replacement for Invulnerability BAC.

    I didn't plan this to be specific, but after a good portion of the team were, so I just went with it.

    One questions I do have:

    Hyperion uses Hydra logo, has WK stated that it specially must have that logo now that they're appearing in abilities? What I mean is if my opponent blocks Hyperion with a DC villain does his ability still activate?
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    Villain = Villain, regardless of symbol. They are starting to use symbols as shorthand, rather than type out "Villain" each time.

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    You could look at using Doctor Doom nemesis, and Constantine super rare instead of Groot an Fury. Fury only helps two your characters. Even Constantine Con Artist is more useful than that most turns. Doom gives you much needed removal and combat tricks

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    Okay, I went with Constantine: Con Artist. I admit I was too attached on using Nick Fury: Mr Anger because of his ability to get out Avengers and not the rest of my team.

    I'll have to think about Dr. Doom: Nemesis for the fact Vibranium Shield does the same on a massive scale with one attack without having to worry about .

    A new question came to mind:

    What's the timing for Captain Marvel and Groot? I have both attack, Groot gets KO'd, and then...? Does both abilities happen together, so Marvel's ability doesn't affect Groot leaving him at level 1? Or Groot's go first, so when he gets KO'd goes to level 1, Marvel's then activates allowing him to go to level 2?

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    I like this set up. The hyperion doubling the attack is devastating, and if you can cycle him with maria hill, you'll definitely be on your way to a win.

    Why not try to make hyperion unblockable ? For example, throw in Iron Man:Tinhead for the global and S.H.E.I.L.D Helicarrier Argonaut? Hopefully you can roll a */** side with the helicarrier, add 3A and make whoever is blocking him a villain with Tinhead? For added benefit, throw in Ultron drone to force either a villain or someone you just made a villain with tinhead to block him. Thus, the blocker is removed once it is turned a villain due to helicarrier, and your blocked overcrushing hyperion with +3A and doubled attack deals 18 direct damage.

    I love the helicarrier combo with tinhead, and I get pretty pumped when I see someone using this hyperion.

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    Pandora's Box gives Hyperion a +1A +1D for blocking a villain, so that's good enough.

    SHIELD Hellicarrier: Iliad is better than Argonaut. Argonaut's */** don't help Hyperion.

    Iron Man: Tinhead also isn't practical because I have Pandora's Box's Global and I only need to use it once. As for Iron Man's ability I could do the same using:

    She's much better because she gets a boost for each villain die where Iron Man is villain in play and she costs 1 less.

    I do need a 3 cost character though. After play testing I ran into a problem of wasting energy since I ran out of things to buy for 3 cost. Besides Katana I'm also considering:

    to real annoy players when I have my whole force attack.

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