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Thread: Transfer Power and temporary Boosts

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    Transfer Power and temporary Boosts

    Hey there. Small short question about temporary boosts.

    I have a Sidekick and Green Goblin: Goblin Lord(SDKs get +1/+1) on the field.
    My opponent has Giant-Man Lvl 2 4/4 on the field.
    I have also the BAC Transfer Power with the global : Pay shield switch Attack with an opposing character.

    I attack with the Sidekick and he goes through unblocked. I use one Shield energy to switch his Attack with the one from giant-man.

    How much Damage will my Sidekick deal to the opponent?

    a) 5 because he is now a 5/2 with Green Goblins While Active Ability
    b) 4 because i switched the 2 Attack to Giant Man and got his 4 Attack for it.

    Thanks in Advance.

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    Five damage would be dealt, transfer power is only transferring the attack value, boosts are treated differently. If he used the transfer power the boost from your Green Goblin would not transfer only the printed attack.

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    Ok i found it

    In the situation you describe the Sidekick has 2 A to switch with the Hulk's 8 A. After the swap, the static effect applies to the new value. The Sidekick would have 9 A.

    In the 2nd situation, the +3 A is given away in the swap. After the swap there is nothing increasing the Sidekick's attack.

    -The Dice Masters Rules Team
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