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Thread: Ultron Drone and Venom combo

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    Ultron Drone and Venom combo

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    Everyone seems to love or at least acknowledge the power of Ultron Drone since it's release.

    Everyone also likes to pair it with some version of Ultron.

    Has anyone had success pairing it up with Venom though?

    I feel Ultron Drone's global would allow you to reliably take advantage of Venom's ability while also controlling your opponent's dice with Ulton Drone's innate ability.

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    There's no synergy between the uncommon Venom and the Ultron Drone, so I don't see why you'd use them as a combo. Instead, you want to force your opponent's characters to attack so that Venom Can get a decent block. To that end, you want to bring something like Toad or the Phoenix/Mr. Fantastic global. If you wanted to beef up this setup, you could even bring Doctor Doom - Reed Richard's Rival to add to the control element. Outside of that, you'd already be building villains, so there's some synergy with Katana or Black Manta, but it's a bit too expensive for a burn/retaliation setup.

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    I don't think that Venom ability does what you think it does?

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    The drones global is to force a character to block YOUR attacker. With Venom, HE needs to block AND knockout a non-fist character to activate his effect.
    You have two things mixed up man.

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    Venom doesn't want to be teamed up with thousands of drones they are very noisy

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    If you want someone to block venom there a few cards that can do that.

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