Hey folks, i am proud to announce my first self organised Event/Tournament since i started playing Dice Masters.

*Thanks for the support and help from some friends and the owner of the ReckenEcke Store to do this.

What: Little Cup Tournament

Where: www.ReckenEcke.de
Martin-Luther-Str. 24
01099 Dresden

When: 29. August 2015 - Starting at 11 am
Registration Ends at 11 Am

You create a Team out of maximum of 8 Cards, 20 Dice and 2 BACs.
There are only 2 easy rules/restrictions to follow. The cards you can use for creating your team are
a) from the Starters
b) are Commons.

It will played in SWISS-Format with a Best of 3 per Match.

Entry Fee is 5€
Prices are in Boosters of your choice.