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Thread: Gamora Assassin vs Jocasta with Cap Super Soldier

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    Gamora Assassin vs Jocasta with Cap Super Soldier

    I am curious how others would play this out:

    Gamora Assassin attacks with Captain America Super Soldier in the field. Blocked by Jocasta Patterned after Janet.

    Gamora - She KOs each enemy die she deals combat damage to.
    Super Soldier - While active, prevent all but 1 damage to you from any action or character abilities.
    Jocasta - the first time each turn Jocasta would be dealt damage, instead deal that damage to your opponent.

    The attacker will receive one damage. The question is if Jocasta is KOd. Wizkids says her damage redirected is card ability and not attack damage. So, does she receive any damage? Does Gamora only deal combat damage if it is taken by the blocker?

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    WizKids has effectively errata'd Jocasta so that her text now read: "The first time this die would take damage each turn, reduce that damage to 0 and deal an equal amount of damage to your opponent." Accordingly, Jocasta would not be knocked out since all the damage that would have been dealt to her would have been prevented. She may not keep the combat damage source when sending the damage at your opponent, but she still takes no damage and since she wasn't dealt damage, she's not knocked out by Gamora's effect.

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    Jocasta would not be KOd because she takes no damage. She just takes the damage and throws it at the attacking player if it is the first time this turn she would get damage.#

    Edit: These Skeletons are fast this days.... ^^

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