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Thread: TRP Podcast on vacation

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    TRP Podcast on vacation

    the show is taking some time off. See you on the other side!

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    Fret not! TPA is still going to be churning out some awesome teams and short segments for you to listen to. You won't be without magical Dice Master sounds just not the soothing sound of Dave voice for us all to listen to while we face into dormancy.

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    Yeah, a lot's gone on this last week, including a death in the family and some other unfortunate things. I need a break.

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    Yeah, I joke, but seriously I'm sorry to hear that and you guys should take whatever time off you need.

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    I am sorry to hear that this break is being taken under not the best of circumstances.

    Take the time that is needed.

    Dice Masters will still be here when you return.

    And you guys all do an amazing job here and on the podcasts, so a break is well deserved.

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