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Thread: Basic action help!

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    Basic action help!

    Hey guys, I'm a first time poster and new to the game. I was looking for some help with which basic actions I should use for a new team build and of course any feedback on the team would be great as well.
    Kobold Greater Humanoid
    Constantine Hell Blazer
    Ultron Drone 1 of a Million
    Deadpool Jack
    Doomcaliber Knight Fiendish Fighter
    Mind Flayer Epic Humanoid
    Ultron New World Order
    Venom Angelo Fortunato

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    Well, I see Deadpool Jack. I use distraction to pull him back and make sure he;s not KO'ed but kill a certain something.

    Fiendish Fighter is nice but if you're going for that certain Global, its usually for something that hits very hard. If its for your drones, better off with something else.

    My team is almost similar but a couple of key differences

    Click image for larger version. 

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Name:	Wasp-Founding-Avenger.jpg 
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    Its nice to have overcrush on your drones if the opponent is running a Human Paladin stopping you from forcing blockers. You can attack and they might bring up someone to block or they take full frontal damage of your Drone. Tranfer power because of the shields you run with constantine or Grundy when missing a roll. When its their turn, I have little options and none of my characters have the defense to survive. So I might as well block and switch the attack making sure I knock them out. Then have the possibility to roll next turn. Distraction would be nice but that would ruin the overcrush with my drones. And all my characters have little attack strength besides Ultron.
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    Well you could use blessing and storm the front with your Kobolds. Gives you a good boost. Also Anger Issues or Thrown Car could help you.

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    He's using his Kobolds for the fist energy to force them to block the drones. Blessing is a waste unless he's doing a little cup team. Better off with Anger Issues or Thrown car. Hulk Out is also one but buy them as soon as possible. You do not want your opponent to buy them off you. Anger Issues is a 4 cost so they will most likely hesitate.

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    Yes and no. They can use Human Paladins Global against you if you plan on using drones but it does help if you plan on using overcrush. Saves you from them distracting or transfer power.
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