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Thread: Hawkeye - Clint (ie - further TEAMWORK discussion.)

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    Hawkeye - Clint (ie - further TEAMWORK discussion.)

    Hawkeye "Clint" states:
    Teamwatch - When you field a character who shares an affiliation with Hawkeye, deal 1 damage to an opposing character die.

    Here's my interpretation:
    Ping = 1 point of damage.
    1. I have 3 Hawkeye in the field at the start of my main step.
    2. I field a 4th Hawkeye (3 pings go off, 1 for each fielded Hawkeye. I can distribute one point of damage three times.)
    3. I field a Black Widow (4 pings go off, 1 for each fielded Hawkeye)
    4. I field a 2nd Black Widow (4 pings go off, 1 for each fielded Hawkeye).

    So when it's all said and done, after those three dice are fielded, I have distributed 11 points of damage to opposing character dice.

    This is how I play it. It doesn't seem over-powered, just strong (if you can pull it off), and a whole bunch of fun.

    Am I correct?

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    There are two schools of thought:

    1. Teamwatch is 'while active' because the definition used the word 'active', so only triggers once no matter how many dice you have in the field.

    2. Teamwatch is not 'while active', though the definition used the word 'active', and is self-referential, so triggers once for each die fielded.

    So, the most accurate answer to your question, at present, is:

    We do not know, and need clarification from WizKids.

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    I have this question waiting to be answered from Wizkids right now. I was using it as "while active" since it says that, but then had an issue with Moondragon. Her Temawatch gives her a defense boost. My argument was that if Hawkeye can only ping once regardless of how may of him there are (while active) then only one Moondragon should be allowed to get boosted if you have multiples out. But this is also wrong. So we can't have it both ways. Either they all trigger or only one gets to trigger. I have yet to get my answer.

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