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Thread: Ant-Man Organized Play

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    Ant-Man Organized Play

    I was taking my weekly walk through the WizKids DM website and found the following is now under 'upcoming' events.

    Marvel Dice Masters: Ant-Man Organized Play Event Official Page

    Reserve Pool Ant-Man Organized Play Wiki

    TRP Organized Play Reward Previews!

    Has anyone participated in this event already? Or does anyone know when it is supposed to start?

    I think WizKids has been really on the ball when it comes to the amount and variety of OP events and prizes.

    If your store has an event scheduled for this specific OP what is the format? Constructed, Rainbow Draft, Marvel only?

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    These are the retailer solicitations for the next 4 OP events. Ant-Man is for September in-store play, TRP was fortunate enough to get advance copies directly from Wizkids for promotion.

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    Pretty sure your FLGS will be receiving the Ant Man kit this coming Wednesday. That's how it has worked in the past

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