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Thread: Article: Introducing Heidi! (More Than Just My Wife!)

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    I am nervous anytime someone calls themselves a social media expert because social media changes every day - unless you're Mark Zuckerburg, you're probably not an expert. I am a professional, though.

    I mostly only play DiceMasters with Shadowmeld because he beats me every time and it's discouraging!!! But my favorite part is making themed decks that have a big of a backstory which is why I like The Prep Area so much.

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    Well, you did beat Alanna. So you don't ALWAYS lose.

    Hope to see you on Vassal or something soon!

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    Welcome Heidi! I love making theme decks too. I listen to The Prep Area episodes twice - once to hear the stories and then I pay attention the second time to squeeze all of the details I can about how the teams are supposed to work.

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    This sounds awesome! shadow is a tough competitor to start with :P I know from experience as well. Thanks for stepping up and can't wait to see what comes next from TRP on FB.

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    Does that mean Shadowmeld is the Joker????
    Themed teams for the win!

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