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Thread: Thanos - Infinite: Is it Worth Using?

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    Thanos - Infinite: Is it Worth Using?

    Ive looked at the card. Tried making a deck out of it. My conclusion since Ive first looked at it.

    Not worth spending time trying to make it work and it simply sucks. As in setting it up is too much work just for something so small.
    Ive seen other cards that do the same minus the reduced cost. He has great stats but I just dont see if he's worth using.

    Maybe I can pop into my drones deck. But so far, its been more effective without the need for him

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    I think anger issues is best. Has that nice global and my opponent will hesitate to buy a 4 cost basic action.

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    Yeah, I agree. Thanos SR is basically a hugely powerful dude with overcrush. You can get a slightly less powerful dude with Overcrush in the Hulk or Martian Manhunter for cheaper without having to mess around with Infinity counter stuff. The extra few points of attack value that Thanos gives you isn't really worth the extra mucking around you have to do.

    I guess the idea with the Thanos SR is you could get multiple dice of him out there for cheap eventually, and it is quite thematic, but by the time that works, your opponent has already won the game.

    For my money, I'll take Thanos: The Mad Titan anyday. It already costs 2 less than the SR, and at level 3...all of his 9 Damage is hitting your opponent each time.
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    Ive said or have noticed that a lot of the time, the BEST cards in dice masters have been the uncommon's. There are a few good Super Rares and Rares but a good amount of the time the best one's are the uncommon's.

    That uncommon Thanos is a powerhouse if you can get him through. Hitting you for 6,7, 9 damage. That is a game changer. Thanos infinite is a dude with overcrush. Hell the uncommon Giant Purple Worm is worth more. You attack and get to choose WHO to KO and do damage based on their level AND it has overcrush. That is ridiculous.

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    I cant think of a scenario, besides a theme build, where I would use the sr thanos over the 6 cost purple worm.

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    He's a nice card but the sense of using him in a viable team I cant. He just sucks to put the work into and trying to get that reduced cost where I can most likely win the game before I buy one die. I hate rushing to my win condition when I create teams. I stall the game for awhile setting things up and I cut off the options for my opponent. Pressure comes to mind. Slowly killing you efficiently. That's what my teams are. Efficient and very effective.

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    i ran a team with him this past weekend. the idea being i made my sidekicks villains with tin head and/or pandoras box and rushed at my opponent early. turn three i could buy him for 6 or less. didn't work terribly well, but was still fun.

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    Yeah but that's not my style and I've seen that. Thanos to me is just a waste of time to work on.

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    Actually drafted him about a week ago. My synopsis is similar to VastSpartan.

    I ran Ultron Drone with Hulk Out to get some villain based damage through and trigger the Infinity Counter. By the time I had enough to make him affordable, I was already winning because of Ultron Drone and Hulk Out.

    I never managed to get him on the field and considered it to be a dead slot I could have thrown something in to help support my action dice, like Baron Zemo or something. Out of set, I could have further emphasized my Ultron Drone's utility with some Kobold's to fuel the global and used Ultron Drone: One of a Million instead of Ultron Drone: DIE. Further making Thanos SR pretty useless.

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    I think in the future this card might re-looked at in future sets. I was planning on selling it but I'll keep it for now. There might be a card that makes it worth while in the future.

    If not, Ill just run Thanos - Mad Titan.

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    I want to love him but hes so slow not bad but getting that damage threw will be a process

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    I think saying the card is terrible is unfair. A more accurate thing to say would be "he isn't competitive". Some cards are made to be just for fun. Thanos here is a great example of that.

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    Sorry, I should clarify myself. I'm not saying that SR Thanos is terrible, or even bad. I think he's win-more if you're playing to his ability text.

    Even if you build a team specifically to trigger the Infinity counter, the act of getting damage through to trigger the counter will likely win you the game before he can ever hit the field.

    If you're running a team intent to ramp into buying Thanos faster, thus relying less on the villain damage and infinity counters, you might as well just go with Mad Titan. Why fuss with Overcrush when you can roll with unblockable?

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    Quote Originally Posted by VastSpartan View Post
    I can definitely say a card is terrible. Vanilla Vixen
    There are those who believe that card is compelling in draft scenarios. I am decidedly, definitively, and in all other ways possible NOT one of those individuals. But believe me when I say they exist.

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    There are a lot of cards that are terrible. People just rather turn the other cheek and say they can use it. Sure you can but its not as effective.

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    Sure there are terrible cards! That's a good thing. In a ccg, even one based around dice and weirdness, not everything can be great. It makes the great cards stand out. Thanos here is certainly not a terrible card though. He just isn't a competitive card. To your tastes that may exclude him from how you like to build, but I see a ton of theme wrapped around one of marvels coolest characters. A card like this inspires me to try builds I normally wouldn't. On the whole, he is pretty mediocre, but he is still fun and that counts for a lot. At least to me.
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    Just gonna say Gobby synergizes with Infinite sufficiently well and leave it at that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camalott View Post
    Is Gobby's ability regarded as combat damage? The Infinity counter doesn't trigger unless a villain inflicts combat damage on the opponent.

    I could very easily be mistaken and/or ill-read on the rulings.
    I am with you on this. I don't see an overwhelming synergy with Gobby either.

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    Green Goblins damage is direct damage burn. Unless you're talking about fielding him quick then attacking directly.

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