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Thread: Cone of Cold: Basic Action Card Global usage

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    Cone of Cold: Basic Action Card Global usage

    The Basic Action Card Cone of Cold global reads as follows:
    Pay . One blocked attacker gets +2A.
    Can this Global be used multiple times on the same character? I did not find a Dice Masters rules forum post regarding this question.

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    AoU rulebook, top of page 24:

    During the Main Step and Attack step, both players can use Global Abilities. In many cases, Global Abilities may be used more than once if the cost can be paid multiple times.

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    You can use it as many times when you attack and someone is blocking you. As long as you can pay for the global its fine.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    I was pretty clear on the rules of how and when to use globals. However I think, since I had not heard much about the use of Cone of Cold (BAC) with Overcrush, that I assumed it did not work as I was expecting. So glad to hear that it does work as expected!

    I used this BAC and the Purple Worm at a D&D only event on the weekend and found the combo to be quite strong. Even purchasing the Basic Action was worthwhile for some selective removal.

    Going forward, I see the following could be highly useful in a Constructed format:

    paired with either or

    And a steady supply of fists.
    or any one of the Ultron Drones.

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    This is true! You'll also want some way around Distraction/Smash/Doomcaliber Knight (anti-basic).

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    Good point.

    Human Paladin: Lesser Emerald Enclave would the first choice to avoid my opponents use of the Smash or Distraction BAC Globals.
    While active, your characters in the field cannot be affected by global abilities used by your opponent.
    I don't like Doomcaliber Knight: Fiendish Fighter as much in this case because I have to hedge my bets by first applying the +A buffs to characters before they are blocked, since Doomcaliber's global affects me too.
    Global: Pay when you attack. Your monsters cannot be the target of action dice or card abilities.

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    DoomCal is best suited to characters who hit hard right off the bat. Like Wolverine - FWP and the Thanos uncommon. Pump up Thanos before the Doom Cal global and swing in

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