This event will have an OP kit for prizes for the respective placings and Fellowship, along with all the fellowship one could need from the participating players!

There is one condition for this event: NONE of the following cards are permitted on a team, not even with just one die: Jocasta - Patterned After Janet, Constantine - Hellblazer, Green Goblin - Gobby, Hulk - Green Goliath, and Black Widow - Tsarina; every other card from every possible set is A-OK.

As time goes on, the restrictions will lessen on each later constructed event, along with other formats or restrictions, but more in the fun vein (all have to have been on a comic cover together, all have to be from the same country, etc...), but for this event, we want as many people as possible, and showing us your *super* awesome combos.

Can't wait to see everyone!