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Thread: can you use cards of the uncut sheet rewards aou national?

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    Hi, in Spain some people have win an uncut sheet of aou and are thinking to cut the cards and use in tournaments.

    Is this possible? are they proxys?

    Thanks for all.
    The sheet is arguably more valuable uncut, but if you absolutely must, you would have to take them to a professional with proper equipment, and even then the edges of the cards will be a little weird. You will also have no dice for any of the zombies.

    Basically, I wouldn't recommend it, especially when you could just sell the sheet and buy cards with the money.

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    Technically the sheet is just a big of slab of cards that haven't been cut yet. In Magic, if you can get them cut off the sheet properly they're exactly the same thing as the cards in a pack. Same thing here. These are just cards not yet in a pack.

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