Hey guys, looking to make a couple of trades to complete sets. I also have pretty much any common/uncommon + dice from any set aside from YGO if you need.

First time trader here, but I am a 100% ebay seller and have completed some trades on reddit (same username). I can link if requested!

Want List:

Iron Man - Super Hero
Sentinel - Robot

Baron Zemo - Thunderbolt
Bucky - Soldier
Daredevil - Guardian of Hell's Kitchen

Kobold - Greater Humanoid
Kobold - Paragon Humanoid
*Kobold Dice!!!

Have List:

Orc - Paragon Human
Purple Worm - Paragon Beast
Half-Orc Fighter - Zhantarim
Drow Assassin - Paragon Humanoid
Invisible Stalker- Paragon Elemental

Katana - Soultaker Sword
Hawkman - Carter Hall
Firestorm - Matter Master
Cheetah - Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva
Vixen - Animal Mimicry
Constantine - Con Artist

Deadpool - Chiyonosake
Vibranium Shield - Cap's Protection
Ghost Rider - Brimstone Biker
Colossus - Piotr Rasputin

Cable - Time Traveler
Magik - Redflag #133
Namor - Imperius Rex
Ant-Man - The Insect World
Black Panther - Diversion

Phil Coulson - Expert Recruiter
Ultron Drone - Swarm of Destruction