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Thread: Multiple We Are Groot - Stack, apply to each other?

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    Multiple We Are Groot - Stack, apply to each other?

    Please forgive this casual player, but we pulled the Super Rare Groot recently and although he's not a win condition, he can sure help buy time for slower developing decks. My question is how to handle the (super) rare occasion when you have two of them fielded.

    Card text: "While Groot is active, all your other fielded characters get +3D."

    Based on the way other cards interact, I'm pretty sure that fielded non-Groot characters would be getting +6D, since each instance of Groot would give the +3D to each non Groot card. (Please advise if there is a reason they wouldn't stack.)

    My question is whether the two Groots would buff each other? The simplest reading would be that they would because Groot #1 would buff "all other characters," including Groot #2, and vice versa, but we've had a bit of an argument that "other" means "other than Groot," so that there would be no buff on any Groot.

    I didn't see anything on the WizKids rules forum, and searched here and didn't find this question asked previously. Thanks for your thoughts!

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    While active effects don't stack with themselves. Multiple Groots will give you +3. Read "active" as "at least 1 die of this character is fielded".

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    From the Dice Masters FAQ

    “While active” effects
    are static effects that are considered to be in play as long as that character is in the Field Zone (NOTE: the Attack Zone is considered a
    subset of the Field Zone—so “While active” effects are still active when a character is in the Attack Zone). These effects are not cumulative— i.e. the effects only occur once regardless of how many of that character is active in a player’s Field/Attack Zone (however, NOTE: if both players have the same character active, the effects will occur once for each player). As an example, Dr. Doom, Reed Richards’ Rival, modifies the Attack and Defense of all non-villain characters while he is active. This effect would only occur
    once regardless of how many Dr. Doom dice a player has active, but would occur twice if two players had a Doctor Doom, Reed Richards’ Rival, active.

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    Rules Book Reference - Page 26

    While Active: See Active.
    Active: An effect that takes place when one or more of that card’s dice are in the field.
    Further you can reference the following Rules Forum post:

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    Yeah, the rulebook clarifies that "While Active" effects do not stack, as @Scum listed above.

    Because it says "other", I would say Groot doesn't boost other copies of himself.

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    Very Helpful. Thank you. I misunderstood that, especially since some cards (like Dr. Doom) specifically tell you no matter how many dice... I now understand that it is a bit like experience in BfF - they don't always have room on the card for everything...

    Another question now: Is it fair to assume that one Groot being "active" would still not buff another Groot? I've re-read the ruling linked above, and am still wondering whether you could make an argument for Groot #1 buffing Groot #2.

    "This is a 'While active..." effect, meaning it only happens once no matter how many copies a single player has of that die."

    My thought is that when Groot #1 is active, the effect happens once, but applies to all your other fielded characters, including Groot #2? Or is the Character "Groot" specifically excluded? (And if it is possible that later fielded Groots would receive the buff, and if they are on different faces, does the first Groot fielded always remain the unbuffed Groot?)

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    I think this is a really good question for the rules forum. My interpretation is that Groot's ability only applies to characters whom are not Groot.

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