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    Acquisition Priority

    Hi folks,

    I've just recently picked up a JL starter deck, and my wife and I immediately fell in love with this game. I've ordered starter decks for all of the existing sets (except YuGi which theme doesn't appeal to us). I also ordered a Gravity Feed for AoU.

    We're casual players, and 90% of our play will just be with each other, so I'm don't intend (hopefully) to fall down the rabbit hole of becoming a collection completest. It looks like MvX is oop (will it ever be reprinted?), though I'm eye-balling a second-hand collection.

    I expect, in general, to probably pick up a starter deck or two and a GF of each new set as it comes out, and maybe a few singles that really intrigue me. My question is, and I'm sure opinions my vary, given our casual nature, what would be the suggested priority for getting currently existing sets?


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    For casual play, I *highly* recommend looking on eBay for Common/Uncommon sets. That gets you two versions of each character, plus 2 dice for each character. Supplement as necessary with extra commons (for more dice) or Rares (for specific cards you like).

    As to priority, it depends on where your interests primarily lie. If you like Marvel, get UXM and AvX (AvX C/UC are still not *too* expensive). UXM is probably the cheapest and has some really great C/UC cards.

    If you like DC, get Justice League.

    Yu-Gi-Oh is probably the lowest priority. Its best cards are Rares, there are really only a few cards in the C/UC realm that you would really want, and probably none for casual play.

    D&D is a great set for playing within itself, but has the least compatibility with other DM sets. Not that you can't play, and have a lot of fun playing, but a lot of the mechanics are only within the set (Experience, Gear).

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    First, welcome to Dice Masters and The Reserve Pool!

    Second, I'm super envious of you for having a wife who will play DM with you. I tried to teach my wife and it did not go so well. I keep telling her it is a great game and she needs to give it another chance, but she just gives me "the look."

    Before dismissing Yugioh completely, give it a look. The artwork is terrible (I think it comes from screen shots from the TV show?). And the characters are weird. BUT, there are some really great cards. My all time favorite DM card is

    I also think

    is an incredible card. For 1 you can get unbelievable stats.

    At any rate, have fun and enjoy the game!

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    I'd probably start with Uncanny X-men or Justice League to start.

    I want to give some blurb about your choice of game-play being a guiding factor. D&D and YGO aren't that great when drafting in my experience, while UXM and JUL are really flexible. Age of Ultron is a bit punishing if you're not good at drafting. I actually never drafted AvX.

    I exclusively play kitchen table drafts. When my girlfriend and I started out, we picked Uncanny X-Men because it was what was available to us. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed that decision.

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    If you're interested in drafting (even kitchen table drafts) AvX drafted well, UXM draft was decent but not great, YGO is by far the worst draft format, D&D is easily the best draft format, JUL is probably the second best, AOU is somewhere between AVX and UXM for me as far as draft goes though I know a lot of people really enjoy it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camalott View Post
    I exclusively play kitchen table drafts. When my girlfriend and I started out, we picked Uncanny X-Men because it was what was available to us. Looking back, I wouldn't have changed that decision.
    How do you do a kitchen table draft?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camalott View Post
    It's just draft but I'm playing it at home (at my kitchen/dinner table) as opposed to public OP's or whatnot.
    So you each purchase 12 packs, open them up and draft, just like at a regular rainbow draft? Interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KnobleSavage View Post
    Where do you get AvX to draft with?
    The only thing I could think to do at this point is see if someone local still has stock. I drafted it back when it first came out all the way through UXM.

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    I was at Wal-Mart about two weeks ago and they had a gravity feed of Avengers vs. X-Men over half full. Totally caught me off Guard and I had to scoop it up. Wouldn't have thought to look there, especially after this while.

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    Dont overlook the Yugioh set. I was in the same sense but it was because of the images they used (source straight from the TV show). After over looking your stigma, Yugioh has some of the most powerful card effects in the game. AVX being the first and I would say Yugioh being the second power effects.

    Go to local tournaments. New players will be invited in and a lot of the players/veterans will happily give away their duplicates and they might come with dice. I have a bag full of extra dice and a box full of duplicates to give away to new players.

    Also, I'm far from being a collector. I have no interest in completing a set. I'm a player who would rather buy the cards in singles to use in building decks to play with. It's by far the cheapest way to get some specific cards. Drafting is another way to get some cars you're missing and you get to play with them. A single Gravity will give you most of the card's you're looking for but the one's missing can be bought on ebay or other table top gaming websites.

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