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Thread: Sunday Morning Comix League

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    Sunday Morning Comix League

    Okay everyone, the first version of my iOS app is up and being reviewed for Beta Testing at this time. I suspect that the average turnaround for iTunes Connect approvals will be less than 10 days. If your interested in helping testing and verify rules and card text are correct please PM me your email address, so I can add you to TestFlight.

    The process is pretty easy, you download the App TestFlight from the App Store. I add your email to the list of testers, and the system emails you. You open the link, which then opens TestFlight and then allows you to launch the application from there.

    Current Sets in the App:
    AvX, UXM, YGOS1, D&DBFF, DC:JUL, AoU, S15RDW, entries for some of the DC:WOL cards, Set Entries for TMNT, ASM, and DC:B/S
    Every Rulebook released is viewable as well, along with several other PDFs like the Used Pile Update
    Current Rules index is approximately, 286 rulings cached from the Rules Forums

    Features (in progress)
    Redirection to DiceMastersDB for collections, (this is still a very much work in progress)
    Redirection to DiceMastersDB for teams (again, work in progress)

    Life Counters, yes for those whom want to track it on the phone in the app

    The App features an updatable data set, so that we can add features to search like archetypes, and fix rulings as they happen.

    I am also looking for someone whom wants to tackle the an initial WIKI for application use, since somethings are not intuitive enough for non-techies to use them. i.e. Try Searching "Little Cup" to see what I mean.

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    Will PM you my email address. What exactly are you asking for regarding the WIKI?

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    I was thinking, hey here are the features, here is how to get the most-est. Specifically, since there is a full text search, along with a complete rules index, it might be necessary to say -> Plug "Little Cup" into the affiliations, and then you can STILL full text search every card that meets the "Starter / Common" criteria, plus ENERGY AND FULL Text. OR, high-lighting that under the CARD IMAGES on the card pages is the scrollable list of each rule that matches either, Character Name, Sub-Title, OR global abilities listed on the card.

    And, a basic what to expect when updating, pushing images to Cache, and "Why do the images keep 'Slot machining'?" That sort of thing. Just this much of the App has some pretty interesting things.

    Also at some point, there is a brief, "So you want to save teams and collections" that needs to be written.

    AND A HUGE OMG SHOUT OUT TO @Loran Ryan for letting me use his DiceMastersDB to save Teams and Collections.

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    I hope my last feedback didn't blow up your brain
    But you did ask me to hit you with everything

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    Nope, just getting the autolayout beat down at the moment.

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    Hey - Have I missed the latest update (I dont know if it will push to me in Australia easily because I am in a different store front)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bestia View Post
    Hey - Have I missed the latest update (I dont know if it will push to me in Australia easily because I am in a different store front)
    I have not pushed the new version yet. trying to finish up the teams functionality. I did add the life counter basics in and been reviewing another suggestion for the home screen. Maybe this weekend I will finish up teams and then push the latest.

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    Sunday Morning iOS Dice Masters App is now available in the iTunes Store. Get it here ->

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    I was excited about this app when I heard about it. Then I got it and realized there were some bugs to be worked out before it became a real asset. I think it's a great start and I look forward to seeing it when it finished.

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    I just downloaded the app and it looks really good. The graphics and interface are awesome. A lot better than many of the other CCG resource apps out there. There are a few things that are not working at the moment but I am impressed with the app. Would you like us to pm you with any bugs we find?

    Please keep up with this app it is awesome and would be willing to pay for something like this.

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