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Thread: Why I STILL play Dice Masters.

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    Why I STILL play Dice Masters.

    First off, let me say I don’t fault anyone for bowing out of DiceMasters. It’s a game and it is meant to be fun. If you’re not having fun for whatever reason, there’s no reason to stick with it. With that said, with all the negativity that seems to have bubbled to the surface lately, let me answer the question, “Why I still play Dice Masters”. I’ve been playing for about a year now, still love the game (despite its faults) and don’t really have any intention of quitting.

    The cost: I have put a decent chunk of change into the game, and the sets are coming out rather quickly, but in the year I have been playing I think I’ve actually ~saved~ money. Dice Masters basically killed my Magic the Gathering habit, and I’ve spent less on Dice Masters in the year than I did on Magic in the same time frame. Dice Masters is also filling in as a Table Top Game for me and my friends so the desire to buy more games to keep things fresh for our gaming sessions hasn’t been there. I think I still have more invested in Arkham Horror and Eldreitch Horror than I do Dice Masters.

    The building: I always loved building weird decks in Magic, but rarely had much success there. I feel Dice Masters is more of a builder’s playground than Magic ever was for me. Yes there are still the “meta” teams, but I feel like with every set that comes out, new possibilities and new ideas bubble to the surface, and I love the challenge of trying to make these ideas work. I get a huge amount of pleasure from the groan that escapes my opponent’s throat when they realize why I’m playing with an off-meta card that at first seems pointless to them. Admittedly my ideas frequently fall flat on their face or end up creating a game state I don’t find enjoyable to play, but that just means I can move on to the next idea.

    The degrees of competition: I love that there’s room for the game to be taken with multiple degrees of seriousness and that I can play casually or competitively as I choose. My wife and I can get together with two friends and just host a casual draft event where everything opened just comes back to us when we’re done. Then there are no worries about drafting for value, and everyone can just play with whatever weird ideas they have as the cards pass. We can also go to our FLGS, bring our latest constructed teams, and try out our ideas that may have come from those drafts in the crucible of our local meta and see what may or may not work. We can then take these battle forged teams to an event like Nationals and Worlds and get all “serious business” with them.

    The flavor: Even after all this time, I still find myself getting tickled by the mixing of sets and the various flavors of the game. I was just playing against my wife last night with a dumb brew that uses Nick Fury – Patch, Shield Helicarrier, and Stirge – Epic Beast. I can’t help but envision a giant Stirge flying over my opponents’ forces with a giant Avenger’s “A” emblazoned on its chest, and a pep talk from Nick Fury ringing in its ears as it goes in for its lethal kamikaze mission. “You’re an Avenger now! Show us you EARNED that ‘A’ on your chest! Make Cap proud!”

    Yes, the game has its flaws. Yes, some cards could be worded better. Yes, there have been some quality control issues in the last two sets. None of that has really tempered my enjoyment of the game though. It’s always unfortunate when someone who was heavily invested in a hobby no longer finds it enjoyable, but someone else’s ability to enjoy something has very little relevance when it comes to my own ability to enjoy it. Things change, people move on, but if something’s fun for you, someone else’s disenchantment is no reason to second guess your own love of something.
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    All of those reasons apply to me too. Dice Masters just scratches so many itches at once.

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    I'm getting back into the game myself, and the next few sets have me super excited. Also, I'm moving cross country to an area that already has a good community, I'm just psyched to play again and play against more people.

    The game has issues, but I'm optimistic. Wizkids has listened in the past, and I think they'll make good strides towards making this game even better.

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    good topic

    yeah dudes and dudettes, it's still a fun enough game as long as you aren't taking it too seriously/playing for too high stakes, I love all of the gaming/comic fun/dice rolling/card playing I get out of it, it's really a very, very cheap hobby in the great scheme of all hobbies that exist, especially in gaming; even with buying a full case of each set plus a starter, and storage, and draft packs, random purchasing, etc..., it's still so ridiculously cheap.

    It's also really easy to teach to new people, and since I started judging for about a month and a half now, I've really been able to build up the local scene by emphasizing the fun and creating fun formats, both for constructed and draft/hybrid, even making a new draft/sealed/hybrid format, and people loved it. As long as the game is truly played for fun, and you aren't ready to jump over every card text misunderstanding, and are willing to sometimes eat it in a ruling until you can further research it later, and hope that an official ruling has come out (if not, just kind of sift through the replies in a thread on this rules forum, using your own common sense while reading the replies to make sense of them) - if not, you can live with making one yourself/with your friends/playgroup, and being consistent with it, which is really the most important thing.

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    and it is the best 2pl vs game, just you and your little team against the same of the other side on the table. no hidden cards, no "surprises" like what s/he is running in the deck. you can see the combos, think you your opponent will playing...
    can build teams under many limitations, especially if others haven't a complete set, or just one, or 2... only C, only C/U, only marvel etc...
    so you can easily avoid the "best / most expensive deck wins"

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    Great post, @Flexei .

    And it's why I'm so very torn about whether to continue investing in the game or not.

    I love the game for all the positive reasons you state, but, for me, the negatives are weighing very heavily against the positives right now.

    And, just for the record, though recent events may have brought feelings to the surface, it is certainly not the case, for me at least, that I am second guessing my own love of the game due to anyone else's disenchantment from it.

    I think those who are expressing negative feelings about the game are doing so because they are feelings that they have had for at least a little while already.

    It is just that recent events have, as I've said already, brought those feelings to the surface and provided an opportunity for them to be expressed.

    We should recognise and respect all such expressions, whether negative or positive, for what they most probably are - heartfelt and honest expressions of how a person is feeling about this subject.

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    I am certainly curious about the roots of some of the sentiment that is out there since I don't really share it to the same degree, and I have no doubt that it's due to my environment.

    My only real frustration with the game right now is WK's lack of organized and competitive play, and even that wouldn't be as big a deal for me if Origins hadn't played out as it did (I've certainly got a thirst for more competitive play now that I otherwise wouldn't have). Things like QA, card wording, forum responses, errata, etc. haven't really bothered me, largely due to our local scene. There's a large enough group of us that just like playing the game and aren't as concerned with the minutiae of the game because we just like hanging out and enjoying the game for what it is. Any rules questions or text inconsistencies we aren't sure about we just handle amongst ourselves and if WK actually answers a question then we adjust.

    I certainly share a lot of the same feelings towards the game, WK, etc. that many others have expressed but they just don't bother me as much because I still get to play a fun game with a bunch of cool people here on a regular basis. Indy Mon was touting the turnout of the USA vs. Canada events and it's not uncommon for just a random Saturday OP event here in town to draw about that many people, and we've had four or five completely new faces show up over the last few weeks. By all accounts, most local scenes aren't remotely as strong as we've got here in Columbus and I can't help but wonder how much that would help for a lot of the people who are tiring of the game. It's unfortunate more places haven't been able to get off the ground in the same way.

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    I have a blast playing this game. Even after reading and thinking through some of the controversy from yesterday, I still have a blast playing this game. Last night, I spent part of my evening building the constructed part of my deck for my sealed/constructed hybrid tournament this Friday. And I was having fun doing it! I didn't care about the controversies. I was just having fun.

    Are some of the card rulings wonky? Are there irritating printing and quality control issues? Sure. But with- what, 700-800 cards available to us?- there are hundreds of cards that work just fine and play great. And the controversial ones aren't that big of a deal in my local meta. We'll all agree how to play them, and it's settled.

    I've decided I'm going to have fun and be excited about some cool stuff coming- like Rainbow Draft Weekend events (I want that Joker!), War of Light (hello Teen Titans!), building my sealed/constructed team for Friday's tournament in hopes I can bring Atomica home, and knowing Amazing Spider-Man is on the horizon. And for me, the best thing of all is watching my 8 year old son get excited about buying his own packs of dice and building his own team to play.

    So, yeah, I'm with @Flexei ... I love this game and I'm ready to play. And I'm not going to sweat the other stuff.

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    The one thing I've enjoyed about the Dice Masters community, is the kindness displayed amongst fellow players.

    It appears that there's tons of folks that dedicate their free time to making the game more enjoyable for others.

    We all enjoy the game, at its core. I think that's the most important part. There will always be small things that annoy you(rulings, misspellings, etc.), but the core game is what brought me in, and what will keep me around for a long time.

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    So nice to read some positivity about the game. Well said and I totally agree!

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    i still enjoy playing...only been playing since the dc set came out but ive been a fan...mtg was my main card game before but has recently started to annoy me beyond belief...with all the new formats coming out (edh, tiny leaders mainly), driving the cost of cards sky high, the game has become way too expensive to play...the last straw was drawn when i was building a deck that i was buying cards for when i got the extra money, saving the more expensive ones for last (cavern of souls which at the time i was looking was about $18). then when i was about to buy cavern of souls, a new modern deck build turns the card into a $55 card...even the most expensive dice masters cards are "affordable" (not for everyone but with a budget that is easy to attain if wanting to take your game to the next level) tsarina and gobby still figure in to be about a $10-$12 mtg card (accounting for the fact that only one dice masters card is needed and then 3 or so more dice can be bought off the common versions)...anyways, yes it does scratch that itch i have for superheroes especially being able to team them up with other random characters.

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    Thank you for your post and to all the other responses. This is one of the best games currently on the market for many of the reasons expressed in this thread. I know Randy has been a fixture and he has the right to express his viewpoint. I have seen over the years a number of "goodbye" posts for a number of games and to be frank, I find them a little self serving.

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    yeah, if the game looses it's fun for you, I get it, bow out.
    Me personally, I've been playing since AvX released, and seen the game progress and grow in exciting ways. I like new card interactions, new mechanics (I even like Heroic), and new characters and dice. The game holds a lot of enjoyment for me, and while it has problems, I've never played a game that didn't. They're still getting their footing, and it's been said many times, they're a small company. As the game goes on, more things will be standardized, more concepts will be universal, and things will get smoother. Anyone like Randy that wants to get out, I'd say revisit the game in a year and see if Wizkids has been able to correct these issues. Hopefully we'll see you guys across the table down the road.

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