Hey i was just interested about how much different Types of player we have here. Hold on, this is not a analyse (except for your weaknesses to put something in my utility-belt). It is a presentation of you as the crazy/funny/strategic/put something in here - Mastermind that you are on the field for Dice Masters and also other games.

I will start since no one else wants to emberass himself first.:

Nickname: Tom the man of thousand Rules
Creating crazy plans to conquer the world before me on the Table.
Talking so long that Time is running faster.
Reading Rulebooks before the event and overtaking the gamemaster

Starting a Turn with looking over everything and saying "Let me see"
Going-All Out short before i could end the game or win in Poker(yeah it is a weakness too...)

Favorite Energy:
Chocolate-Cola-Coffee - CCCombo

Rolling Dice of any kind(high or low it doesnt matter).
Alcohol, because it reduces my concentration
My Girlfriend

What Type of Hero would you be:
I think if Pinky&Brain would disguise themselves as the Joker&Batman and jump into a DNA-Mixer i would be that Kind of one! hehehe...