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Thread: Want: BEWD (with die) Have: ? -- PM me with your wants

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    Want: BEWD (with die) Have: ? -- PM me with your wants

    Cards I have available for trade are:

    Collateral Damage
    Colossus, Phoenix Force
    Phoenix Force, Force of Nature (with die)

    Wolverine, Formerly Weapon Ten
    Hawkeye, Robin Hood
    Iron Man, Superhero
    Mystique, Alias: You
    Namor, Imperius Rex x2
    Nick Fury, Patch
    Loki, Gem-Keeper
    Aquaman, Orin

    In any case, if you have a BEWD for trade (or sale, I will purchase for $22 shipped), post here or PM me with what you're looking for and I'll let you know if I think we can work something out - thanks!
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