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Thread: "1 vs. All" Variant

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    "1 vs. All" Variant

    I posted this in the "New Game Formats" thread, but I typed so stinkin' much that I thought it warranted it's own thread.

    I would really like some more multiplayer formats to work. I've done some play testing of semi-cooperative "1 vs. all" variants

    In a 3 player game for instance (let's say players 1 and 2 vs. player 3) (let's also say player 3 has to play villain):


    Players 1 & 2
    Player 1 brings 5 character cards (3 "starters") and 1 Basic Action.
    Player 2 brings 5 character cards (3 "starters") and 1 Basic Action.
    Of the 4 remaining cards, players 1 and 2 must decide which 3 will be "communal", or able to be purchased by either player.
    Player 1 & 2 start with 8 sidekicks in their bags.
    NOTE 1: "starter" doesn't imply cards from a starter set. Think how sports have "starters" and the "bench".

    NOTE 2: I think it's fun to set this up beforehand, or have each player agree to just bring one affiliation. Some cool thematic "team-ups" can happen. Like if player one brings x-men and player two brings justice league, and potential "communal" cards can be unaffiliated or a different affiliation...whatever you want, really.

    Player 3
    Player 3 brings
    1.) A "BOSS": every version of a character card they own (example: 4 apocalypse, 4 Ultron, or 8 Magnetos) and 4 respective character dice.
    2.) one copy of a card to serve as the Henchmen (I like the idea of having as many dice on this card as you want...8 Mystique!)
    3.) 2 Basic Actions to be "Communal" like we're used to.
    4.) 1 Basic Action to be "Private" (dice not needed, only the card).
    Player 3 starts with 8 sidekicks and 1 "Boss" die in their bag.
    NOTE: If you want to be thematic with Henchmen >>> Magneto brings Mystique or Toad or Saber tooth / Ultron brings Drones / Red Skull brings HYDRA agents (someday...fingers crossed).


    Players 1&2: 20 combined life.
    Player 3 Starts at 0 and goes up. (Think Quarriors)

    Player 1, then player 2, then player 3. (The "1" in the "1 vs. All" always goes last)

    Players 1&2 take turns regularly, can only control their purchased characters, and when attacking can only target Player 3 and their characters.
    Player 1 keeps track of the amount of damage they deal to player 3.
    Player 2 keeps track of the amount of damage they deal to player 3.

    At the start of player 3's turn, before the CLEAR AND DRAW step, Player 3 chooses 1 "Boss" card. That ability text is the ability the "Boss" dice have until the start of Player 3's next turn.


    In addition to all the standard things you can do, player three has these unique "Private Globals" associated with each energy die face.
    Each can be used at any time a global may be used.
    FIST = gives +1 Attack. This +1 buff does not have to be allotted to an attacking die, it's just 1 damage Player 1 or 2 will take unless they block it.
    SHIELD = gives +1 Defense. This does not have to be allotted to a blocking dice, it can be used to prevent 1 damage to player 3.
    BOLT = You may immediately put this die into your prep area.
    MASK = You make use the effect on your "Private" basic action bursts.
    MASK MASK = You make use the effect on your "Private" basic action card, up to the "*" level.
    MASK MASK MASK = Same as above, up to the "**" level.
    ? = After your reroll, any "?" rolled go to your used pile. (These represent confusion. Some dumb lesser henchmen messed up, costing you dearly).
    SIDEKICK = Act as normal.

    Since players 1&2 share their life total, it's hitting that shared life total and is not broken up.

    Players 1&2 must collaborate how they will assign blockers. Again, each player can only control their specific dice.

    Assign and Resolve Damage

    The game end is triggered if:
    A.) Players 1&2 have their life reduced to 0 (Player 3 Wins, the world is taken over!!!)
    B.) Player 3 has taken over 25 points of damage. Finish the round. Damage over the initial 25 is counted.(player 3 is always last) Players 1 & 2 compare the total number of damage they have done to Player 3...whomever did more damage wins more! (Yay good guys...but Avengers weren't pulling their weight as much as the Xmen were).

    I tried to set this up so the good guys usually win after an early pummeling.
    Since player 1 can clear the field...player 2 usually "wins more". I'm thinking of having their "attack step" be simultaneous at the end of Player 1's turn.

    Adjust card/dice counts based on number of players.
    If something seems broken in this format, tinker with the rules until it isn't.


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    Man thats sounds a funy of fight. ITs really a brawl with 2 hero teams against the villain !

    I have to try it out if we are 3 people in the shop and no one else and i like the idea with different effects for the SDK faces!

    The only thing is, that the rules are a bit stretched out(i know this problem) = too much to tell for a great idea. Maybe make the important parts stronger mentioned in the text and form the structure a little bit better. Maybe some Screenshots of the setup would be good.

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