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Thread: Cyclops & Tarrasque

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    Cyclops & Tarrasque

    So I was playing on vassal today and trying out a new overcrush team. I am using "Slim" and I made my opponent double block him with the Ultron Drone global. When I attack and after blockers are declared use anger issues action on cyclops. That gives him a +3 A and then use cone of cold global to give him an additional boost. Not w that cyclops is blocked by multiple blockers -

    "When Cyclops is blocked by more than one character, he deals damage equal to his full attack to each character blocking him (instead of having to split it)"

    The question my opponent wanted to know is how much damage is dealt to each blocker? Does the buffs carry over in the ability?

    The other question is SR Tarrasque has this ability.

    "Regenerate (reroll when knocked out)
    When Tarrasque regenerates, knock out all of your opponent's characters of equal or lower level."

    My opponent wanted me to KO all my characters when he KO'd his Tarrasqued even if when he rolled his die it came up energy. Does regen count when you reroll the die or when the die rolls a character face?

    I showed them the Forum ruling that said you needed to roll a character face to have my dice be KO'd but they felt that this did not apply to this version of the card.

    Amy help on these question? Thanks in advance.

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    With Slim, you deal damage individually. Meaning if he;s blocked multiply he does 4,5,6 to every one of them. Basically means not as a whole but considered one on one. Just think of this, you attack and 2 of them block Cyclops. He;s hitting for 5/3 so to those two you do 5/3 to them, buffed by anger issues its 8/3. Both are side kicks which are 1/1. So when you hit them you do 7 damage over their defense to each. That means you just did 14 damage total.

    Now as for Tarasque, when regenerate occurs he needs to roll a character face. If Tarrasque is rolled energy he goes to prep. If its a character face lets say level 1, all level 1 characters on their side are knocked out. Level 2, all level 2 and lower are knocked out. Level 3 means EVERYONE on his side are knocked out. If he gets a character face, Tarrasque stays on the field that level. (duh)

    So no, your opponent was calling bull****. He needs to roll a character face for Tarrasque's effect to occur of any KO.

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    gotta say I love that slim/anger issues combo.. will be trying it out...

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    Yup, its a pretty brutal combo. Just make sure you have the forced blockers and Anger Issues at the ready with Slim.

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