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Thread: Maria Hill - Rare

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    Maria Hill - Rare

    While Maria Hill is active, you may add Shield characters from your Field Zone to your roll at the beginning of your turn.

    Shield Characters added to the roll can activate their "when fielded effects" again?

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    I guess you mean, if you add your shield characters to your roll and you roll character faces again and field them right?

    If you ment it that way, yes they will activate their "when fielded effects" .

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    Yes, you can activate their fielding affects.

    Angel comes to mind for me as a when fielded shield character

    You can use this look at when fielded shield characters

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    The OP Constantine might be interesting, even if it's a little limited. You get 1 life the first time he's fielded. And, with a 0/1/1 fielding cost, it wouldn't be so bad. So, he's a good tool in a life-gain team.

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    DR Doom Rare and the Umber Hulk Rare are the 2 things i am thinking about.

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    think about a walking army of Zombies combined with Human Torch really interesting and cheap.

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    I am thinking about Maria Hill, Iron man, and the rare Warmachine.. not sure if it is viable though, it takes too much of a setup..

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