We have the benefit of a group of about 6-8 friends, mostly other couples (though also my younger brother) who are interested in games. It's a great excuse to get together, and the stuff we play usually results in some pretty memorable moments.

Last weekend, we had six people over - two other couples, my brother, and his old college roommate. The wife and I put together some dinner and dessert (Pot roast and mango pie, inspired by Disney recipes) and were ready for them to come. After eating, we played several rounds of Spyfall.

Let me tell you, if you have a group of more than four with whom you can play this game, GET IT. It's extremely fun. Some spies threw the group completely, others got it very quickly. It was great.

Next, we moved into Telestrations - also excellent with eight people. This game is like playing telephone, but with drawing. This game exists in other iterations, like "Eat Poop, You Cat!" and "Cranium Scribblish." You don't technically need to buy anything for it, but given the erasable pads and dry erase markers that come with Telestrations, I recommend that you do.

Finally, we played Ugg-Tect, which is one of the best stupid-fun tabletop games I've ever played. I'll only tell you that it's team-based and involves hitting people over the head with an inflatable club. Pick it up.

This group will sometimes play non-party games - it's tackled Seven Wonders, Ticket To Ride, Fiasco, and Formula D - but regardless of that, usually what happens is that we remember crazy things that happened the last time we played and that fuels plenty of laughs and conversations.

How about your board game group?