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    Why oh why is this game listed as being for 14+? BGG voters are split between a minimum age 8 years old and 10. I'd lean to 8. Either way marketing it to only 14 plus limits their market.

    I've heard there is an age cutoff where if manufacturers go any lower they have to do some expensive product safety testing (including incinerating all of the components the product and analyzing the fumes), but I'm pretty sure the cutoff was much lower than 14 (below 8 years old rings a bell).

    Any ideas? Some of the comic depictions of female characters give me pause in showing them to younger kids, but that's the best I've got...

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    My six year old LOVES this game. She doesn't grasp the depth, but I'm introducing card text and globals to her. She's got the combat part down pat and I think she'll be doing strategy for herself within the year. Not competitively, but she's 6!

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    Components and liability. There are things you have to do/say if you list a younger age.

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    I agree if it was geared towards younger players at the low end, the game might have to be fundementally different. A lot of globals and even standard effects wouldn't exist. That being said, if younger players are tought the basics, the nuances will eventually click in their brain. Pokemon for all it's worth is still a viable CCG that younger players play and do some amazing combos. I guess it's up to the maturity level of child and patience of the adults teaching them. I have a 20 yo son and a 10 yo daughter both play at different levels but, both love it!

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    I think Dave has it.

    I know a kid who "plays" who is 5. Kinda like Jaymo's adage - he's not good but he understands the basics.

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