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Thread: Lots for trade

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    Lots for trade

    DC WoL Wanted
    SR Black Lantern Superman Krypton's Fall
    U Parallax Shattered Will
    U Superboy Prime Shattered Reality

    AVX Wanted
    R Wolverine Formerly Weapon Ten

    UXM Wanted
    R Psylocke Kwannon the Assassin

    ASM Wanted
    SR Spider-Girl May Parker
    SR Green Goblin Rotting Goblin
    SR Morbius Unliving Vampire
    SR Venom Staggering Symbiote
    R Aunt May Fresh Cookies
    R Cloak Darkforce Dimension
    R Kraven The Hunter Proud Hunter
    R Luke Cage Thick Skin
    R Web Shooters Webbing All Over
    U Aunt May Independent
    U Hulk Back From Outer Space

    AvX Offered
    SR Green Goblin “Gobby”
    R Angel Soaring
    R Cyclops Scott Summers
    R Doctor Doom Victor
    R Loki Gem-Keeper
    R Magneto Sonderkommando
    R Mjolnir Thor's Hammer
    R Mr. Fantastic The Invincible Man
    R Nightcrawler Circus Freak
    R Phoenix Jeannie
    R Professor X Charles Francis Xavier
    R Punisher Big Nothing
    R Siver Surfer Sky-Rider

    UXM Offered
    R Bishop XSE
    R Black Panther Diversion
    R Iron Man Superhero
    R Mystique Alias You
    R Professor X Trainer
    R Storm Lady Liberator

    AoU Offered
    R Beast Not Your Average Pretty Face
    R Bucky Soldier
    R Daredevil Guardian of Hell’s Kitchen
    R Enchantress Hypnotic
    R Gamora Deadliest Woman In The Universe
    R Giant Man Pym Particles
    R Kang Time-Ship
    R Loki Agent of Asgard
    R Loki’s Scepter Piercing
    R Maria Hill Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.
    R Nick Fury Schemes Upon Schemes
    R Odin Asgardian Monarch
    R Pepper Potts Stark International
    R Red Skull “Hail Hydra”
    R S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Need To Know Basis
    R S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier Odyssey
    R Star Hawk Precognitive
    R Star-Lord Element Gun
    R Ultron Drone Swarm of Destruction

    ASM Offered
    R Blink Exile
    R Gwen Stacy The Amazing Spider-Gwen
    R Hobgoblin Mad Fashion Designer
    R Iceman Cool Dude

    Marvel Promos Offered
    Ant-Man Biophysicist
    Apocalypse Earth-295
    Beast Nefarious Geneticist
    Collateral Damage
    Colossus Phoenix Force
    Emma Frost White Queen
    Hawkeye Avengers Dissembled
    Kitty Pryde On a Mission
    Magneto Heir To The Dream
    Marvel Girl Humanity
    Phoenix Force Force of Nature (w/Die)
    Phoenix Dark Phoenix
    Scarlet Witch Avengers Disassembled
    Sentinel Omega
    She-Hulk Avengers Disassembled
    Spider-Man The Amazing
    Wolverine Wanted

    D&D Offered
    R Dwarf Cleric: Paragon Lords Alliance
    R Half-Orc Fighter: Paragon Zhentarim
    R Umber Hulk Paragon Beast
    R Magic Helmet Paragon Gear

    DC JL Offered
    SR Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance
    R Batarang From Wanye Enterprises
    R Brainiac Twelfth Level Intelligence
    R Captain Cold Master Of Absolute Zero
    R The Flash Speedster
    R Robin Acrobatic Adolescent
    R Swamp Thing Part of The Green

    DC WoL Offered
    R Atom Professor of Physics
    R Carol Ferris True love
    R Lantern Ring Limited Only By Imagination
    R Mogo Doesn’t Socialize
    R Mongul Ruler of Warworld
    R Ranx Blot Out The Stars
    R Saint Walker: "All Will Be Well."
    R Scarecrow Hallucinogenic Phobias
    R Superbot Prime Troublesome
    R Supergirl Last Daughter of Krypton

    DC Promos Offered
    Pandora’s Box Trinity War
    House OF Mystery Trinity War
    Wonder Woman Trinity War
    Martian Manhunter Trinity War
    The Outsider Trinity War
    Robin Teen Titans Team Leader
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    Any interest in SR BL Superman and SR Black Cat for Gobby?

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