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Thread: Pepper Potts - Stark International

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    Pepper Potts - Stark International

    When Pepper Potts is KO'd, search your bag for an Iron Man die and field it at level 1 for free.
    Opening this up to public at large: if your bag is empty when Pepper is KO'd and Iron Man is in used, do you refill it before searching for Iron Man or does Pepper's ability just search the empty bag and see nothing there, as if it were a bag with all dice that were not Iron Man, so no Iron Man is found.

    And if the former, does the bag still refill if there are no Iron Man dice in used?

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    I think that you do not get to refill the empty bag. You only refill when drawing from an empty bag and her card says nothing about drawing.

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    I can see where the gap is between the card text and Rule booklet.

    If your bag is ever empty, and you need to draw a die, move all dice from your Used Pile into your bag
    In the case outlined, there is no need to draw a die.

    If the Rules read the following it would be more obvious what a player is to do:

    If your bag is ever empty, and you could draw a die, move all dice from your Used Pile into your bag

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    This comes down to how one interprets searching. So far, searching has not explicitly been stated to include drawing, so off of the most stringent rules interpretations, you do not refill the bag since you are not drawing.

    The other school of thought is that searching implies a draw since each and every search effect in the game takes the die from your bag. Accordingly, since this would be drawing the die, you would indeed refill your bag before you search.

    Personally, I used to favor the second interpretation, but in light of WizKids' record, I'm trying to take the least assuming and most supported stance on each rules question, so I now advocate for the first interpretation. Since you only refill an empty bag when you need to draw and searching does not explicitly state a draw effect, you may not refill your bag for searching.

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    Searching your bag is such an inconsistent venture. It's really disappointing how underpowered every card related to searching a bag is.

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    I would say since your bag is empty, it will remain empty till you need to refill it hence drawing four new dice. So you cant search your empty bag for iron man.

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    I would not refill. You looked inside (search your bag) and found no Iron Man dice.

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