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Thread: Human Paladin/Super Soldier

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    Human Paladin/Super Soldier

    I was playing around with a couple of different ideas and was curious how you all see the following interactions as working. Bear with me...

    Scenario #1:

    I have a Starhawk- The One Who Knows and Star-Lord- Reluctant Prince in the field. I field a Rocket Raccoon- "Blam! Murdered You" and activate the Starhawk teamwork ability. I use Relentless global to prevent any blockers. I attack with both Star-Lord (X) and Rocket (Y). They now have attack stats of X+1 and Y+5.

    Subscenario A- My opponent has Super Soldier active. How does his ability interact with these buffs?
    • Are they now X+1 and Y+1? (each attackers' buffs are reduced to one)
    • Are they X+Y+1? (all additional buffs are collectively reduced to one)
    • Are they X+1 and Y+1+1+1? (each additional buff is reduced to one per character, but Rocket has buffs from three different abilities)
    • Are they X+Y+1+1+1? (each ability could at most damage the opponent 1 life, regardless the number of characters it may apply to)
    • Or does his ability really only prevent ability damage that is not considered unblocked combat damage?

    Subscenario B- My opponent attempts to use the Human Paladin global to prevent the damage. Does he need to use it once, twice, or three times (Rocket has buffs from three different abilities)? How would damage to my opponent be affected? Same as above?

    Scenario #2

    I attack with only Wolverine- Canucklehead. Assume he cannot be affected by Distraction. How does this interact with Super Soldier or the Paladin global? His ability allows him to attack unblocked, but the damage is only done by his unaltered attack stat on the die.


    How does Super Soldier (or Human Paladin global) interact with attack buffs? What about abilities that don't specifically deal damage, but may result in damage (Canucklehead)?

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    Captain America does not interact with combat damage due to buffs. His effect only mitigates ability or action damage, never any effects that allow characters to deal combat damage (such as blocker evasion, buffs, or overcrush).

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    I hope so, otherwise it could become awfully cumbersome to calculate some of different possibilities. Thanks!

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    Based on this ruling

    I would say the damage dealt is not affected by anything that prevents damage from action or character abilities, a la Cap, Super Soldier. The damage is coming from combat.

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    Human Paladins global only works with burn effects meaning direct damage. It doesn't work when it's combat damage. Captain America mitigates damage down to 1 from direct damage/action dice. Not combat damage.

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