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Thread: Local Events or OP Prizes?

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    Local Events or OP Prizes?

    So, I've been trying to get my local DM scene going. I ran a Rainbow Draft in Januray where 8 people showed up. I tried to run another in February, but only 1 person showed up. So in March I decided to just do a demo and open play time at the shop. I can say we had 6 people... but 1 was me, another was my brother who I brought, another was my buddy who I just got in to Dice Masters and his friend. The 2 other people? They were just regulars at the shop that were waiting around for another gaming group to start, so they learned to play DM in the interim.

    So this isn't going very smooth. I know it take time and energy but seriously... I have a very limited amount of time and energy to put in to raising up my DM scene.

    Enter the choice.

    My buddy I mentioned earlier goes to a different gaming store than I do for his DM product. The owner of that shop told him "Hey, I can order the OP prizes. If you and a friend come play in my shop I'll just give you guys the cards." ...yea... So, do I continue to try to cultivate a healthy self-sustaining DM community? Or do I take this guy up on his offer and just go play in his shop once a month or whatever and get the prize cards (oh yea, btw, I'd get enough to be able to put some in to the prize pool as well).

    Doing both isn't an option.


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    Were you getting the OP prize support at the first shop? Sounds like no. It's unclear if the store didn't have it or wouldn't give it to you.

    Perhaps try to cultivate a community at the second shop where you can get the prize support. If you put in an honest effort to get things going like you've already been doing, just for the new store, and you're unable to attract others to join in there I wouldn't feel at all guilty about keeping the OP cards. You can your friend were first and second (and third and fourth...) place.

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    Had prize support, but the owner wants 4 people minimum to be able to hand out prizes

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    Understandable I guess, but if you jumped ship to the other store I assume you still planned to try to attract others to the events (announcing regular times and such). That store is rewarding those efforts. You're being offered a better deal, so if all else is equal (and you haven't said if all else is equal) go for it! Attempt to build the community there.

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