I'm looking for the month 2 BFF OP cards:

#4 Halfling Thief - Minion Lords Alliance
#5 Treant - Legendary Beast
#6 Copper Dragon - Legendary Dragon

I have the following rares:

Apocalypse - Time of Testing
Bishop - XSE
Black Panther - Diversion
Falcon - Air Strike
Pyro - Uncontrolled
Scarlet Witch - Unity Squad
Storm - Lady Liberator

Celtic Guardian - Silverblade Slash
Gaia the Fierce Knight - Dextrous Jouster

and a few extra op cards:

Hawkeye - Avengers Disassembled

Pandora's Box - Trinity War

Drow Assassin - Minion Humanoid
Zombie - Minion Undead

Or I would be happy to simply send some money via Paypal for those 3 cards.