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Thread: Article: Dice Masters Takes its Place Among the Best

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    Yay DiceMasters!

    Is the author a regular here?

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    Quote Originally Posted by riothebeast View Post
    I Posted this nearly 3 months ago a little behind here.

    The article I linked was posted earlier this week and was just shared on Facebook overnight last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riothebeast View Post
    I Posted this nearly 3 months ago a little behind here.
    What did you post? This article was just written 5 days ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by riothebeast View Post
    The original article was posted in july.
    Oh I see, by "this" you meant about the fact that DM was in top 5 for competitive games. The article that Dave brought up first though is new this week and mentions how DM was the number one sold product from Diamond Distributors this month. Piling it Higher and deeper sure, but one article on how well DM is doing is one thing, this post is to bring a spotlight on how two different outlets, and two different sources of numbers show DM slowly advancing to the top of the list of collectable games, and even showing that in a good month it beats out Magic's stead pace.

    Keep bringing us good news like this though, we love it when folks bring stuff like this to our attention. We might not front page about it every time, but we DEFINITELY rant and rave on the forums or amongst ourselves.

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    Thank you for picking up on the article.

    I can't claim to be a regular because a busy schedule prevents me from spending a lot of time on the boards.

    I realize the information was posted a while back, but I wanted to collect additional data from a second source. I also hoped to get a quote from Dave regarding the community here, but my request via the contact form was never responded to.

    I plan to continue covering Dice Masters for Critical Blast for our 'games' section. Hopefully, as a separate news outlet, we can bring more attention to the game we all love.

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    I never received it. Wish that I had! In the future, is the most reliable.

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