I went 3-0 in what ended up a 4 player event this past Thurs with the following team:

Captain Marvel - Maj. Carol Danvers (C) (3 dice)
Hyperion - Eternal (C) (2 dice)
Iron Man - Tinhead (C) (1 die)
Pepper Potts - Stark International (R) (1 die)
Nick Fury - Life Model Decoy (U) (3 dice)
Maria Hill - Trained Agent (U) (1 die)
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent - You're Not Cleared For That (U) (1 die)
Red Skull - Johann Schmidt (C) (2 dice)
BACs - Assemble, Call Them Out!

Rounds were 30 minutes plus 5 turns (if needed). I won two of the three games (the first and last) on the fifth turn after the 30 minute time call, so it's not like I was steamrollering anybody.

When putting the team together, I didn't attach too much importance to Hyperion's Teamwatch ability (when fielding an affiliated character, deal 2 damage to a villain), but once I got him onto the field it turned out highly useful. Field Avenger, take chump blocker out of equation before attack step. Field another Avenger, do it again. Chump blocker isn't a villain? Tinhead has a global for that. Eventually, this allowed me to swamp my opponent to end each game.

If I ever use this idea as the core of a constructed deck, I think I will include Infiltrate as one of the BACs and see if I can get even more mileage out of it.

Having the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent allowed me to field my first Avengers character without fielding cost each turn, which was enormously useful.

I participate in Rainbow Drafts more to build my collection than to build a team for the event. Once the drafting is over, I put out the best team I see from the cards/dice I picked and play it to the best of my ability, but that's not always my top priority during the draft portion. So I was kind of surprised I did that well.

Thanks to Sentry Box (FLGS) for hosting, and all my opponents for a fun evening.