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Thread: Burning Action V2

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    Burning Action V2

    So I went to my constructed tournament today. The first game I played was pretty close. Wasp was definitely burning down my opponent. I couldn't ramp enough to get to 7 dice for Red Dragon. Baron Zemo was a dead card. What helped was my Transfer Power and Blue Dragon forcing someone not able to block when I use an action die. So decided to swap out Baron for something else that would hurt.

    I said "**** it" this turned into a Dragon Deck. Tried to make one before but I didnt have a clue on which dragons to use. This went from action dice to Dragon dice. I chose the Green Dragon. Which lies with a problem. Out of the two 5 cost Green dragons I'm not sure on which to pick.

    These are the two I'm having trouble choosing from.


    My idea is just going for Breath Weapon 2. Added with Blue Dragon Breath weapon 1 and 2 with Powerbolt. That's 5 damage in one burst and forcing someone not able to block. There's the other which does breath weapon 1 but forces everyone else not able to block unless they pay 1 life.

    So here's the deck

    or Click image for larger version. 

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    Nah, just Burning Action

    Burning is still there and I do use action cards.

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