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Thread: After getting the Job, already retiring?

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    After getting the Job, already retiring?

    Hey there, this is not a thread about giving up on Dice Masters. It is more for me trying to make a decision to go the way all alone or just stop being naive and just let it rest and hoping for better times.

    Well here my situation.

    1 Town, only one in east germany with Dice Masters(i am sure, because i ask every store i know in the bigger cities around for over 100 miles and more ^^). I would like to say 3 active players, but i think it is more 2 (me included).

    So over the last 2 months i tried to gather the people who purchased this game.Should be something on 12 people. Well last saturday i tried to be friendly, hopefully and not depressed that my buddy and me sitting there testing our team and waiting for some people to come to the long planned tournament. Long text , short story, no one came, the 3 people that where already there or showed up later, where not interested in it and didnt even read the announcement.(later a third guy came with his stuff, but 2 1/2 too late).

    Like i said, i wont give up the joy i have with this game, nor will i abondon my collection(too much money otherwise wasted with reselling). But i had the hopes, if i ever play a game where you have many boxes/boosters/packs to collect or build a team with, not to be disappointed by the local community and waste with this money, energy and time.

    But here i want to hear some opinions of people who also had such experience or a story behind with a successful turn maybe.

    I dont really know if it is worth to hold on the now Dice Masters Thursday in the store and trying to organize events, or just let it rest(giving up to be a real player) and just Judge(become a theoretical Vassal guy) for DM if ever an Event will happen (i highly doubt it) organized by the store.

    For me , i think this game called DM is dead in this City and appeared only to be something like a new pair shoes from SWISS that was famous for a short time.

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    I was worried that the game was already dying a slow death here in my city, but recently we have been able to bring new players into the game and find a pocket of existing players we didn't know, um, existed. Maybe for you it would be something as simple as going to the game store and setting up a game, and waiting to see if any passersby are interested in what you got going on.
    Passerby: "What is with all these dice and Marvel or DC characters on cards that I already love?"

    You: "It's Dice Masters. Let me show you how a game works. You can be the Avengers, and I'll be the X-Men. Let's have a game!"

    Passerby (after the game): "That was fantastic! I would love to buy my own cards and dice and start playing!"

    If you only get one player each time, you've already significantly expanded your player base. Maybe contact Wizkids and see if you can get some prize support. If you have plenty of dice and cards, maybe do a "mock" draft where everyone will draft from your existing stock. We went from only getting 2-4 players at each event to having back to back turn-outs of 14+ people. I don't think that's bad for a mid-sized city like I live in.

    I hope you are able to get some players into the game. It can be slow going (at times), but it's worth it if you can get some new friends in the process.

    Good luck!

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    If you can keep playing casually at the store with your buddy there's a good chance of picking up some new players. I tried getting my friends into it, as it contains most of the things they like from other games, but they just played a few times and that was it. So I found a couple places nearby and started playing in stores for the first time in my life. Turned out to be the best decision, as the people are great and that's the most important part. If you can keep positive while playing, the people will start noticing, and they'll eventually get curious and some will jump over to the Dice Side.

    Just remember that you can't please everyone. Some people will only play drafts as they feel it puts them on more even ground. Semi-constructed seems more popular than constructed by me, but both places I go to rotate between the three so there's a chance for every style each month.

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    One thing I did to get folks started is give away SKs Action Dice and a team of commons and extra dice. Give players all the things they need to play on their own time, and even sponsor them for a draft (you keep what they draft, but they get to draft and play) then maybe they will get the bug. Even if they don't, you might have gotten someone who will fill in to help you get a 4 man pod going for drafting. What helps with drafting is people see you guys talking, with a rainbow and having a good time, then get interested and watch the matches. The longer you are playing with the cards and people watch, the more people will want to try it out.

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    I've played some "dead" CCGs that I loved. I would build multiple "beginner" decks, with as uncomplicated cards as possible. Avoid cards that deal with timing issue, wording/rules interpretations, or are magic bullets in the games. Also, no rares. Have a good mix of fairly equal builds that showcase that cards/dice: Justice League, old Avengers, new Avengers, classic X-Men, villians, and the like. I was at my FLGS almost every Friday and Saturday. I had enough cards that I could give away the beginner decks. Eventually people would play out of pity if nothing else! And they liked the game. I built up a good player base over about 6 months. Be there whatever day new comics are released. I'm not sure if there's a Free Comic Book Day there, but that would be a good time to demo the game, too. You can make it happen.

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    Thanks for the answers,
    i did almost everything of this and hoped 3 months would be enough, but the future will show us if DM can survive in Germany (i hope it so much).

    Now i made plans. I try to have Teams prepared for Demo games and fast at hand. I will not pursue anymore the people who have it already because that seems more stressful than anything else.

    I also will wait with another events until War Of Light, because AOU is more expensive than the other thats here(because of localisation) and the support with OP is also not really working here.

    My plan is to go in the store when it is DM time, wait for potential players to show up , present the game , and if no one is there, take a good book with me and read. until closing time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shazam View Post
    I've played some "dead" CCGs that I loved.

    The original Star Wars CCG by Decipher was awesome IMO! I miss that one

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    Quote Originally Posted by SHAZAM! View Post
    The original Star Wars CCG by Decipher was awesome IMO! I miss that one
    Not dead by a long shot, they just had a world championship after Gencon. Also search gemp Star Wars in google. It's a free no download necessary way to play online with others.

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    I have an idea, although it may be a bad idea.

    Gather up some magic the gathering cards that would translate easily to DM characters. Grab some character dice that match up to those mtg characters. And setup a game at your store.
    Play Dice Masters using mtg cards! That will get them interested!

    Good idea?
    Bad idea?

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    It takes a LOT of time to make some of this stuff happen, and some people will buy the game and not want to play in a competitive way, at least not right away. Do you have a page on social media for the Dice Masters players in your area? How organized are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave View Post
    It takes a LOT of time to make some of this stuff happen, and some people will buy the game and not want to play in a competitive way, at least not right away. Do you have a page on social media for the Dice Masters players in your area? How organized are you?
    I have a group at facebook,i have 75% of the players in my email group too. Also i printed out a paper with all informations, when is DM day, time, contact adresses and QR Codes!(yeah the Future...) but that all didnt helped.

    Because people in this city doesnt response to messages and 50% dont use Facebook or something else.^^'

    Well i would say, i am the only one who does some things for and about DM right now with organizing stuff. Last event was in April(the only 1 this year) and we have a league where i am waiting for 1 1/2 month now for the next pairings... .

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