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Thread: "Avengers, Teamwork and Coordinated Strike!"

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    "Avengers, Teamwork and Coordinated Strike!"

    Nick Fury, Mr. Anger
    Giant Man, Dr. Henry Pym
    Wasp, Founding Avenger
    Hawkeye, Clint
    Captain America, The First Avenger
    Namor, Atlantean
    Iron Man, Philanthropist
    Hulk, Bruce Banner
    Coordinated Strike

    (sorry no AoU images)
    Nick Fury gets the rest of the dice fielded quickly. Wasp can ping Iron Man for life gain. Anyone (except Fury) fires off Hawkeye. Namor just looks cool for messing with my opponent's strategy, which I really like. Hulk should have endless overcrush. Coordinated strike is there to take out bigger threats that Wasp can't handle, and I think teamwork speaks for itself.

    What's missing? What am I vulnerable to? I'm playing it this weekend in a standard constructed.
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    You can upload the images. Just save them from a website. Upload them by pressing the portrait picture which is next to the icon with a giant red x.

    Also you can only use wasp's Global once per turn, keep that in mind.

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