Today, our little group (Derby City Dice Masters) held an Age of Ultron Rainbow Draft. There were only four players (what with it being Monday Afternoon Dice Masters and all), so the draft pool was limited. But, without pictures this time, here is what I managed to scrounge together:


Pepper Potts: Personal Secretary of Tony Stark x 2
Wasp: Founding Avenger x 2
Giant Man: Dr. Henry Pym x 1
Iron Man: Tinhead x 1
Vision: Punisher x 1
S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier: Argonaut x 3
Loki: Trickster God x 1
Thanos: Infinite x 2

Swords of Revealing Light

I went into it knowing that I wanted Ultron Drones and Ultron, but was unable to scoop any up. I was able, however, to get the mighty Super Rare Thanos. Luckily, I had already drafted Iron Man (in my first six pack), so I would be able to make sure any combat damage would give Thanos a counter. The rare Wasp, somehow, came to me and that was (easily) my second selection in the second group of packs (Thanos was obviously my first pick in that group).

My first game was against the guy who picked up ALL the Ultron Drones, and Ultron. Since this was the first game, I was still trying to establish my buying order. I got Wasp and Pepper out quickly, and was able to stop him from using a shield to prep an extra die each turn. This, and keeping his purchased characters on the field, stopped his ramp cold. I used the Iron Man and Swords of Revealing Light Globals to get some EVIL Sidekicks through, which would have allowed me to purchase a Thanos for two... if I could roll a mask. I could not, but was able to swing for lethal anyway using Vision and Giant Man.

My second game was a rush team that was bolstered by the Super Rare Groot (yes, we had two Super Rares pulled in a pod of four players). He attacked quickly with Coulson-inspired Sidekicks, taking away half of my life before I could blink. I was able to field Wasp and start adding Thanos discounters. I purchased both Thanos (Thanii?) for four, then started OVERCRUSHING HIS CHUMPS. He took me down to 3 life, but I was able to get the win.

My last game was against Steve (my in-store nemesis). He had lost to the Ultron Drone team, so winning this would make me the champ. He fielded several great characters, including the Rare SHIELD Agent. That effectively took my Wasp advantage away. I rallied late with a Thanos purchase... but out came Rare Spider-Woman. He was able to field another Avenger which caused all my Peppers and Sidekicks to be KO'd. By this time, he had an army of Wonder Men, an Iron Man, Sidekicks, and Nicks Fury... and he swung HARD. Thanos could only block one, and that was game.

The event ended with a three way tie. Since we had each purchased a pack for the prize pool, we decided to go ahead and split them evenly after a Sidekick Roshambo decided that Steve would get the official W on the WES. The only player who wasn't in the three way tie was awarded the Fellowship award since he is good people... and everyone went home happy.

- Rare SHIELD Agent is no joke. Rare Wasp is no joke. Rare SHIELD Agent trumps Rare Wasp...
- I was glad to finally get to play with the Super Rare Thanos. He's pretty great, especially in draft
- Having some out-of-set ramp really helps speed up the games. We played with 45 minute round limits, but none of the games went to time. I don't think we could get it under 30 minutes, however.
- I think our next Monday Afternoon Dice Masters Draft will be YuGiOh. It is rarely drafted, and is the only set that I have yet to draft in. It should be interesting... and I already made a teaser image for our Facebook group. (The name of our FLGS we do drafts at is "The Destination". Since I'm a dork, I like to call it "The Dicetination" when holding Dice Masters events. It's fun for me at least... and that is what counts.)

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