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Thread: Unlimted Constructed Control Team

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    Unlimted Constructed Control Team

    Had a good run in a small unlimted constructed tournament over the weekend going undefeated.

    Morphing Jar (Canopic Jar) x4
    Constantine (Hellblazer) x4
    Wasp (Founding Avenger) x4
    Jinzo (Trap Destroyer) x3
    Magneto (Magnetic Monster) x1
    Professor X (Recruiting Young Mutants) x1
    Wolverine (Canucklehead) x2
    Blue Eyes White Dragon (Monstrous Dragon) x1


    Round one bye

    Round 2 faced a swarm team running Green lantern Willpower. Game 1 (on the play) ramped to an early Magneto purchase and stuck him first roll before swarm came online. Closed the game out with Canucklehead before opponent could get to Green Lantern to fight back. Game 2 my opponent got swarm online early and managed to overwhelm me in a tight game. Game 3 I again hit Magneto early and closed it out shortly afterwards.

    Round 3 faced a wish team. Opponent had some unlucky rolls while I managed to chip away at his life total with Wasp and Jinzo. Finished out the game with Canucklehead. Game 2 went pretty much the same way.

    Reviewing the team post event I will be testing out Solomon Grundy (Buried on a Sunday) in place of Wasp (Founding Avenger) as she didnt do as much work as I had envisaged and some spot removal against problematic characters is needed.

    All in all a very fun team that I look forward to developing further.

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    Honestly, I would look at swapping Jinzo for Grundy. It is unlikely that you will just buy Jinzo on a bad roll, and you already have a6 cost shield character you are looking to buy (Magneto).

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    Also I would switch out that Wolverine. You're running distraction on your team. Your team was based on my old one. Formerly Weapon Ten and Jinzo.
    I'm running this one now for my control deck

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would definitely switch out Jinzo for Grundy and keep wasp. Already running a 6 cost Magneto.

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