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Thread: Jocasta, Mister Sinister and Hulk walk into a bar...

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    Jocasta, Mister Sinister and Hulk walk into a bar...

    The active player has the following level one characters in play Jocasta - PAJ and Hulk - JG. The opponent has a Jocasta - PAJ in play at level one as well.

    The active player activates Mr. Sinister Global to do three damage to their Hulk, Mr. Sinister’s global would have to be fully resolved prior to anything “interrupting” this global, correct? By which I mean the active player would not be able to do three damage to the Hulk and trigger his ability to KO the opponents Jocasta before she takes three damage from Mr. Sinister’s global, right?

    Relevant text:

    WoL Rules book page 21/22:
    Timing Conflicts If there is a conflict of timing (e.g., both players want to use an ability simultaneously), the person whose turn it is always resolves their effects first. If simultaneous effects are controlled by the same player, that player chooses the order of those effects. Once activated, an effect is always resolved entirely before the next effect begins. You cannot use an effect after your opponent starts an effect but before it resolves. The only exception to this is when an effect redirects or prevents damage, but those situations are clearly spelled out in the card text. In tournament play, the active player takes as many sequential actions as desired (from zero to all possible actions) before pausing and indicating that the inactive player can take an action. The inactive player can then either perform an action or decline the opportunity. Then the active player can take more actions. If the inactive player passes, and then the active player passes, no more actions can be taken during that step (except for reactions to damage, as usual). This structure is only used for initiating a game effect. Players are allowed to use Global Abilities that react to events at the appropriate time (for example, a Global Ability that allows you to redirect damage when one of your characters takes damage).

    Jocasta – Patterned After Janet: The first time each turn Jocasta would be dealt damage, instead deal that damage to your opponent.

    Mister Sinister – Nasty Boy: Global: Pay BOLT BOLT Each player chooses one of his characters to take 3 damage.

    Hulk – Jade Giant: While Hulk is active, when either you or Hulk takes damage, knock out one of your opponent's level 1 characters.
    * Instead knock out one opposing character of any level.

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    Yes, MSG must resolve fully before any other (non-redirect/reduction) effect can resolve.

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    You are correct. Once the Mr. Sinister global has been activated, the damage must be assigned and dealt to both characters before another effect can trigger (including Hulk's ability). Once Jocasta has been assigned the 3 damage, her ability to reduce it to 0 activates immediately and now she and Hulk have triggered their abilities. Hulk may resolve his ability first and proceed to KO Jocasta, but Jocasta's ability still procs even though she's KO'd since once an ability triggers, it must resolve.

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    I am really disappointed by this thread. I was expecting a joke... I got all excited!

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    ... three hours later Hulk was Smashed, Sinister and the waitress were in the back getting nasty and Jocasta was still a robot.

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    The Hulk, Mr. Sinister, and Jacosta walk into a bar, and the bartender says, "Do I look like Stan Lee?"

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