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Thread: Card Artwork Sources - Need Help!

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    Card Artwork Sources - Need Help!

    I've been working on updating the Dice Masters Wiki with all of the original artwork sources, but I've started to run dry. I'd like to finish with the Marvel artwork (before ASM comes out, at least).

    Here is what I need for each image:

    Source Document
    (i.e. What comic/series, volume, issue)

    Link to online reference I've used Marvel.Wikia.Com extensively, they have a pretty comprehensive database of cover artwork. If you can determine that an image comes from a particular issue, I can use their database to determine the artist(s).

    If you are a BoardGameGeek Member: For each properly identified and sourced image, I will pay the finder 1 GeekGold. If you find 5 or more, I will give an extra 5 GeekGold!

    Here are the images I need (A-C):





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    Thanks! Someone on BGG got that one too. Not sure how I missed it :-P

    Captain America, Gamora, and Storm have been found.

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    From what I've found Wonderman is a piece done by Brandon Petterson. Unsure if it's a cover art or not,but here's a link to the Uncanny Avenger's Spotlight with the art.

    Alt Art Cable is Art by Dale Keown, from A+X #1

    AvX Angel is from UNCANNY X-MEN #496

    Ambush BAC from Wolverine (2010) issue #310

    In fact, I'm having pretty good luck reverse image searching these guys on google. Just right click in chrome on each card and "search google for this image" then find a site that gives accreditation.
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    I tried to get the images long time ago for AvX and UXM. I got most of the source images for the character cards in decent resolution.
    I found my UXM data, the ones you don't have yet are as follows:
    - Apocalypse: from cable #15
    - Cerebro:
    - Iceman: unknown source -
    - Juggernaut:
    - Magneto:
    - Namor: unknown source -
    - Sentinel: ultimate xmen #16 -
    - She Hulk: unknown source -
    - Spider-Man:

    - Black Pather: Fantastic Four #608 -
    - Sabertooth: Wolverine first class #9 -
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    And AvX:
    - Hulk:
    - Human Torch: unknown source -
    - Mr Fantastic: unknown source -
    - Nightcrawler: unknown source -
    - Venom: Spider Man/Red Sonja #2 -

    - Ghost Rider: ultimate avengers 2 #2 -

    Edit, others I found now:
    - Marvel Girl: all new x-men #5 -
    - Thrown Car: Spider-man unlimited v3 #11 -
    - Surprise Attack: Maria Hill in Secret Invastion #5 -
    - Take Cover: Deathlok #5 -
    - Captain America: Living Legend #1 -
    - Cable promo: unknown source -
    - Vision: unknown source -
    - Teleport: AvX v1 #1 -
    - Smash!: unknown source -
    - Invulnerability: unknown source -
    - Gearing Up: unknown source -
    - Call Them Out: unknown source -
    - Iron-Man: unknown source -
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    I think it's interesting that the alt art beast has the MARVEL logo on it...

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