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Thread: Kang vs Prof X & Human Paladin vs Invisible Stalker

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    Kang vs Prof X & Human Paladin vs Invisible Stalker

    So, I'm gearing up to do my first constructed tourney outside of our local play group and was wanting some opinions. Our group is pretty casual, so my constructed game is pretty weak...anywho, a friend and I came up with, what I hope will be, a nice competitive attrition team focusing around Kang and Professor X: Click image for larger version. 

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    Don't wanna give too much away in case peeps from here will attend said tourney, but using the Resurrection global has been a sufficient ramp in order to purchase either one of these guys on a probable turn two and near definite turn three. My question: which would you guys hate worse being in the field first? I've been going Kang most games, but last night a Jocasta/Mjolnir team made me think Prof. X wouldn't be the one to worry about more.

    Secondly, the Jocasta/Mjolnir team took me he essentially dealt 15 life to himself to make that happen (which was still a win in my book on the construction of my team), but it opened my eyes to some holes I have. Jocasta type ability damage characters and the unblockable one-shots (i.e. Wolverine, Nick Fury, and Infiltrate) to be specific, so I'm curious on everyone's thoughts about the Human Paladin vs. the Invisible Stalker: Click image for larger version. 

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    Should I include one over the other, or find a way to include both?

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    Between Kang and Professor X... That's a tough call. I'd rather have Kang on my field since he gives me better options for offense, is cheaper to field, and has the useful villain affiliation. However, I'd hate to face Professor X since he's so hard to remove. I'd say go Kang if your opponents run direct removal like Solomon Grundy or Storm and run Professor X if they use damage removal like Hawkeye, Cone of Cold, or Magic Missile.

    As far as Human Paladin vs. Invisible Stalker, I don't think they really fill the same slot. Human Paladin is better for protecting your own character from scary things like Relentless, Phoenix/Mr. Fantastic, and Distraction whereas Invisible Stalker is for an anti one-shot capabilities. If you're building an attrition team, it'd be good to have both at your disposal since you don't have to get aggressive, you just have to not lose. Having both on your team makes sure you don't die to Jocasta, Wolverine, Colossus, Phoenix, etc.

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