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    I would lean toward once, but this is the only copy of this type of "effect" that doesn't say ignore until end of turn, so perhaps it's PER JLA character.

    Safest bet is until end of turn though.

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    Once per turn.

    When you pay the price, you may ignore the ability. The ability is then refreshed in the cleanup phase meaning that you must repay the price to field JL characters the next turn and so on.

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    All effects last until the end of the turn unless otherwise stated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyMagic View Post
    So for clarification, after paying 2 life I can field as many justice league characters as possible for that turn?
    Yup. Since the ability to ignore the effect lasts until the cleanup step, once you've paid the toll a single time, you may field as many JL chsracters as you like that turn without paying any more than the initial 2 life.

    Scorpion0x17 has it just right.

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